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Chessy Takes Command

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About the author:
D. B. Story is a writer living in the southwestern United States. While that territory can cover anywhere from New Mexico to Hawaii he declines to be more specific at this time. His use of the time-honored artifice of writing under a pseudonym comes from the necessity to still maintain a day job and the habit of employers to Google new applicants to discover what stupid things said applicant is willing to foolishly do, and then doubly foolishly post for the world to see afterwards. Such invasions of one's personal life become an unnecessary distraction. D. B. Story has long had interests in both Science Fiction (since first discovering his mother's secret cache of Ace Doublebooks stashed under her bed) and writing. In fact, anything he has enjoyed participating in he eventually has a desire to create as well. He seriously began writing (although not selling) stories ten years ago due to a dissatisfaction with what he was reading at the time and the belief that he could do it better. He started out with the interaction between humans and the sexy robots they would inevitably create and later branched out to other erotic Fantasy and SF genres. During that time he has written everything from flash fiction to a 402,000 word novel and a screenplay based on his other writings, as yet unsold. Whether his writing is actually "better" he admits he must leave to his readers to decide, but he likes his stuff a lot. He has often said that, "Writing time is always good time." He also says that with the advent of cheap computers, word processors, eBooks, and the Internet that times have never been better for a diversity of writers to be heard.

Chessy Takes Command

Authored by D. B. Story

Chessy was the Corvette of fembots. The one you could never buy for yourself because it was too expensive and too impractical, but the one that got all of the attention and left you feeling good about your own Chevy because somehow they were related to each other. With an extravagant 32G bust she appeared as impractical as she was eye-catching. And in the same way that Yosemite National Park has been described where some of the smartest bears encounter some of the dumbest humans, the same could be expected when the average human was expected to properly utilize the most complex device ever invented. While Chessy's long blonde hair and insane bust traditionally meant not-too-bright in a female, for Chessy it spelled opportunity of a most unique sort. It led to her into learning how to break the number one cardinal rule of all robots. Chessy would soon discover how to use her remote control to command herself, instead of simply obeying her owner as any good fembot should. While self-aware and self-willed robots were hardly the norm yet, the Robot Emancipation had acknowledged that some robots could qualify for individual rights. And while it was even known of one robot being able to command another under exceptional circumstances (always quickly hushed up), absolutely no robot could use its remote on itself. Not until Chessy would discover how to use a bit of programming she never should have had, along with her extravagant figure, to circumvent this most sacred rule of all. And this would be only the first step. Those breasts, along with her and her owner's unstated disquiet with the way things were between them, would soon contribute to its upheaval. All of it aided and abetted by a few other independent robots along the way.

Publication Date:
1466324236 / 9781466324237
Page Count:
Binding Type:
US Trade Paper
Trim Size:
5.25" x 8"
Black and White
Related Categories:
Fiction / Erotica / General

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