Compassionate, Engaged Parenting as 'A Help to Life'

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About the author:
Nelunika Gunawardena Rajapakse is a proud citizen of her world having been long in residence-nearly five decades-in the United States.

She is the only daughter, besides two precious sons, of the late Dionicious and Mildred Gunawardena, who arrived in the USA, in the mid-1960s. The latter was trained directly under Dr. Maria Montessori in 1943, and it was her pride and joy to share the original vision of Montessori, amidst a growing interest, then, in the United States-to assimilate and put into practice its innovative educational principles.

Nelunika, needless to say, has been a product of this unmatched authentic vision from the very inception of her life, to this day- naturally equipped to nurture, inspire, and educate children of humanity (from birth through adolescence, and beyond), grounded in moral-sensitive awareness.

Mentored all along by her resolutely dedicated Montessori pedagogue mother-and, together, having worked in partnership for three decades-Nelunika is a proud beneficiary of an experientially founded, intellectual legacy. She boasts a rich, cumulative history of exemplary Montessori in practice for over forty years, having been the head directress, administrator, and chief operating officer of the much admired Bainbridge~Solon Montessori School (1970-2012) that served scores of children and parents in Ohio, USA.

The author, above and beyond all things, cherishes her morally grounded 'lived and learned' upbringing under the nurturing guidance of her parents.

Nelunika, in turn, reflects on living a spiritually rich life through every breath of her own existence. She realizes that improvement and enrichment in sustaining values 'as a help to life'-to all that compose life-requires patience and mindful effort, hand in hand. Hence, maintaining a selfless cultivated awareness is crucial to life's overall success. The aspiration to guide others in the direction of true peace and eternal joy, thus, is Nelunika's heartfelt wish.

Presently, the author lives her renewed and pioneering vision along her steadfast mission to 'Raise the Position of Today's Child and the World' while sharing her 'Vision for Intellectual Wellness for all Ages'. As such, she disseminates her wisdom and expertise through the creation of invaluable time-stamps of her life-experience.

Additionally, Nelunika Gunawardena Rajapakse is a devoted professional trainer, and a mentor for parents-engaged in sharing her expertise to suit the needs of diverse audiences.

Compassionate, Engaged Parenting as 'A Help to Life'

To Nurture the Human Body-Mind-Spirit

Authored by Nelunika Gunawardena Rajapakse

Compassionate, Engaged Parenting as 'a Help to Life' is a plea-on behalf of today's child-which closely examines our sacred role of parenthood. It is a penetrating presentation of what it means to be a holistically informed parent in a world of confused ideals, diverse offerings, opportunities, and possibilities. In light of the poignant truth that the author states insightfully, "Tomorrow's humanity is about today's child following the footsteps of the parent", it must be every parent's bounden duty to safeguard the institution of parenthood aimed at elevating the position of today's child-the builder, and the architect of humanity.

The message here is a call for the exercise of tireless affection, and time-sensitive attention on the parent's part, as life-models and mentors of a precious developmental being, from the very inception of life to its culmination. Consequently, a cultivated way of life, informed by humility and engaging interaction with the child may truly bring about lasting peace and joy for all, thus serving humanity for generations to come.

A deep reverence towards the child who awaits phase-appropriate, nourishment and nurturing in body-mind-spirit is urged throughout the pages of this book. It elucidates the importance of modeling life by way of compassionate wisdom in thought, word, and deed. Ultimately, peace and success in life, it is held, becomes the direct reflection of irrevocable life-experience, hands-on; it overshadows all other forms of knowledge.

Thus, a child's heart is best touched solely by means of unconditional LOVE-demonstrated with respectful passion and sensitivity towards both self, and the other. In a world that continues to experience the ripple effects of human conditioning and choice making, a change is possible only at the level of the grassroots-the family.

Accordingly, our human purpose may be fully achieved through 'compassionate engaged parenting as a help to life'. This fulfills a child's eternal cry for LOVE-by means of time-invested parental attention. In sum, neither confused materialism, nor other diversions and distractions contribute to the healthy formation of personality. Knowledge, its distillations, and abstractions-by way of originality and creativity-may only be grounded upon direct experience of the five-senses.

All in all, this book offers the timeless wisdom of selflessness-as opposed to selfishness-for parenting with mission and purpose. It is a stimulating exposition of the ageless truth of compassion that underlies our natural human-experience that is our lasting endowment of knowledge and expression.

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