How to Paint the Magnolia Flower, Watercolor Painting by Ross Barbera
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How to Paint the Magnolia Flower, Watercolor Painting by Ross Barbera

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How to Paint the Magnolia Flower, Watercolor Painting by Ross Barbera

With extended footage plus BONUS video "How to Stretch Watercolor Paper"

Part 1 - "Painting the Magnolia Flower"
In his second watercolor painting DVD, Ross Barbera continues his easy to follow, step-by-step instruction in classic watercolor painting techniques. With more than thirty years of college teaching experience, Ross has developed a unique teaching style in which he successfully guides his students through all phases of the watercolor painting process.

Now with extended footage, Part 1 is packed with effective and practical tips as Ross demonstrates how to paint the beautiful Magnolia flower using classic, transparent watercolor painting techniques. His instructions are easy to follow, very detailed and are shown through the artist's perspective. Viewers can see exactly what Ross sees as he develops his painting. The close-up views provide the best possible vantage point as he demonstrates every aspect of the painting process. You will clearly see the evolution of a beautiful flower watercolor painting, as every step is explained in well-articulated detail.

Topics range from an introduction of the tools and materials of watercolor painting, to techniques used in applying washes of color, color mixing, masking techniques and paper preparation. As Ross continues with the overall development of the painting, you will learn how to control washes of color to achieve beautiful results. You will watch him work with "wet into wet" painting techniques, discover how to control this fundamental method of watercolor painting, and how to effectively interpret your subject matter. You will also see how Ross develops the background for this painting, and how he works with his paints to "paraphrase" the subject matter, rather than copy it. Extended footage (DVD only) will demonstrate the use of a popular tool, "The Incredible Nib." Ross's tutorials are designed to guide viewers in the process of creating a beautiful watercolor painting, while teaching the fundamentals of classic, transparent watercolor techniques.

Part 2 - "How to Stretch Watercolor Paper" (DVD only)
This all new video tutorial instructs viewers step-by-step in the process of stretching watercolor paper. You will watch Ross build upon the basic traditional approach and transform it into one of the most effective methods of paper preparation. This video presents clear and detailed instructions for every phase of the process, along with a description of the necessary tools and materials.

You can learn more about Ross Barbera's paintings by visiting his website:

Ross Barbera's awards include a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, a New York State CAPS Fellowship, a grant from the Hillwood Art Museum, C.W. Post College, and numerous awards from juried art exhibitions. He has exhibited his paintings in SOHO, Midtown Manhattan, Long Island and in the Berkshires, MA.

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