CAPTAIN YURIKO KUMAGE (First Edition): Her First Adventure During the Greatest War on Earth

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About the author:
ALAN COLOSI is a Cum Laude Bachelor of Arts degree graduate in Computer Science with Japanese as the foreign language from BOSTON UNIVERSITY, The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS '00). Having traveled to Japan 93 times from Boston, MA, USA with over 3 Million miles as an Emerald Member with The One World Alliance, Mr. Colosi maintains countless years of computer programming, radio, media, market research and journalism experience integrating both English and Japanese. Prior to BOSTON UNIVERSITY, Mr. Colosi worked at radio stations WXKS-FM, Boston, MA as a core programmer (1984 - 1988) and KISS-FM LONDON (as a reporter 1991-1993) and currently is the owner and operator of SHADO CONTROL management ... ... maintaining the site for over 16 years with business news and information, merchandise sales, and advertising in fields emphasizing science, the arts, and business analysis by constructing mathematical theory with successive growth. The current extension of SHADO CONTROL is the business plan push of KKXG: KING KONG VS GIGANTOSAURUS ***AND*** CAPTAIN YURIKO KUMAGE, after receiving very important blessings for it to succeed. CAPTAIN YURIKO KUMAGE (aka: "KUMAGE TAICHOU") is written in English. Its dedication is to YUMIKO SHAKU. The story is the prequel to KKXG: KING KONG VS. GIGANTOSAURUS which is the content from the original "KKXG: KING KONG VS GODZILLA". All the content, including subsequent screenplays have been submitted to a representative agent. KKXG 2006 Prima Facie US Registered Copyright: PAu003075664. KUMAGE TAICHOU June 12, 2011, Certified Prima Facie US Registered Copyright: TXu001767476. Please enjoy every part of it.

CAPTAIN YURIKO KUMAGE (First Edition): Her First Adventure During the Greatest War on Earth

The Prequel to "KKXG: King Kong vs Gigantosaurus"

Authored by Alan Colosi

CAPTAIN YURIKO KUMAGE is lethal inside Hong Kong and Macau. Enter the New World within the prequel of the very popular and successful first novel, "KKXG: King Kong vs. Gigantosaurus – The Adventures of Yuriko Kumage During the Greatest War on Earth", where the final battle between two of the greatest female fighters becomes the main event of all time!

After left for dead from a spiteful attack within Kumage's teenage years as an exchange student on the territory of China’s Special Administrative Region, the Hong Kong Secret Intelligence Agency, the HKS, confiscate her body and wipe her mind clean by utilizing an untested experimental drug. For six years, she fastidiously trains to become a focused, pumped-up, steroid-induced military assassin; however, she also was secretly granted permission to work with the United States Navy and the Japan Maritime Defense Force. As a result, the woman became the very first Asian, female US Navy SEAL with an accelerated rank of Captain.

Inside the HKS, Kumage is entrusted to carry out government sponsored missions to exterminate the most evil terrorists and mind-ignorant human traffickers. Although her missions are quite successful, Kumage’s escape to safety is through the skin of her teeth with assistance from her assigned colleague, a United States Marine named John Max. Alas, Kumage discovers her horrifying past from hacking into the HKS network, and therefore strategically hunts her now grown-up assailants where she never provides any mercy. But Kumage is a US Navy SEAL who is not home. Therefore, she has to make her own decisions about what to do.

"Captain Yuriko Kumage - Her First Adventure During the Greatest War on Earth" was written exclusively *LIVE* on-location in Hong Kong and Macau with fantastic descriptions of Martial Arts action, intense military weaponry utilization, and the specific areas of the SAR themselves just to feel it.

Registered Copyright © 2011-2016 ALAN COLOSI. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


"Captain Yuriko Kumage" (aka: "Kumage Taichou")


"Kumage" is pronounced as follows: "Ku" as in "Kudos", "Ma" and in "Mama", and "Ge" as in "Gay")

The Prequel to "KKXG: King Kong vs. Gigantosaurus" (aka: "KKXG: King Kong vs. Godzilla") by US Registered Copyright (PAu003075664). Buy the complete series!

Original Certified June 12, 2011, Prima Facie US Registered Copyright (TXu001767476).

Registered Copyright (c) June 12, 2011-2016 ALAN COLOSI. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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1466438649 / 9781466438644
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US Trade Paper
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6" x 9"
Black and White
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