A Whisper to a Roar - Vietnamese Subtitles

A Whisper to a Roar - Vietnamese Subtitles

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A Whisper to a Roar - Vietnamese Subtitles

Narrated by Alfred Molina, "A Whisper to a Roar" tells the heroic stories of courageous democracy activists in five countries around the world - Egypt, Malaysia, Ukraine, Venezuela and Zimbabwe. From student leaders to prime ministers and heads of state, these activists share their compelling personal stories of struggle, past and present, with their countries oppressive regimes.

"The film is not only a riveting documentary, but also offers inspiration to people everywhere who seek to make governments accountable to the citizens they serve. The stories in "A Whisper to a Roar" demonstrate that democracy is a product of tremendous sacrifice, and we are all responsible for securing its promise for future generations."
- Hillary Rodham Clinton

"This deft digest from the director Ben Moses is by turns shocking and inspiring..."
- The New York Times

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Palm Springs Film Festival, Amnesty International Reel Awareness Film Festival, DocuDays Film Festival, HumanDoc Film Festival, New Hampshire Film Festival, CineWorld Film Festival, Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival, Heartland Truly Moving Pictures Film Festival, Peace on Earth Film Festival

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