George Washington   Man of Destiny

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Robert W. Pelton has been writing and lecturing for more than 45 years on historical, , humor and other subjects. He has published numerous articles and more than 100 books including the sensational exposé Unwanted Dead or Alive - The Greatest Act of Treason in Our History - The betrayal of American POWs Following World War II, Korea and Vietnam; and an unsurpassed two volume exposé The McCarthy Chronicles Part 1 Treason and Part 2 Traitors. He has also published humor titles including Loony Laws Passed by Apparently Brain Dead Legislators and Strange Laws Related to Dating & Marriage All Governments Make When They Have Nothing Better To Do.
Pelton has carefully mined hundreds of sources for historical cooking and baking recipes from the early days of America. He has perused innumerable old cookbooks as well as yellowed and tattered handwritten receipt ledgers from both private and public archives and libraries. Through all this, he has been able to skillfully recreate these recipe treasures of the past in 10 historical cook books. His latest are titled Cooking & Baking During the War of Northern Aggression - Special Southern Edition; Historical Thanksgiving Cooking and Baking; and Family Baking Recipes of the Signers.
Robert W. Pelton proudly claims a heritage going all the way back to well before the War for American Independence. One of Mr. Pelton's ancestors, John Rogers, came to America on the Mayflower and was one of 41 signers of the Mayflower Compact.
Another, John Smith was one of the founders of Jamestown.
Peleg Pelton served as the fifer in the Continental Army at age 18 during the Battle of Saratoga (1777) and again in Yorktown (1781).
Captain Peter Hager was Commander of the Old Stone Fort in Schoharie, New York, in 1780.
Another, Captain Bezaleel Tyler fought in the only Revolutionary War Battle taking place in Sullivan County, New York. Here he fought against Mohawk Chief Thayendeneges, who was also known by the name of Joseph Brant,
Mr. Pelton is a member of Sons of the Revolution (SOR), and Sons of the American Revolution (SAR).
For a Power Point Presentation covering the Words, Dreams, Beliefs, and Aspirations of Our Founding Fathers or Cooking and Baking in the American Colonies contact Mr. Pelton at 910-339-5354; or 865-776-6644; or by e-mail at:

George Washington Man of Destiny

Authored by Robert W. Pelton

Few people realize that George Washington (1732 - 1799) was a man who formally attended school only to the elementary level. Yet, he went on to become Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army in 1775, and served in this capacity until 1783.
Washington first gained prominence leading troops from Virginia in support of the British Empire during the French and Indian War (1754-1763), a conflict which he inadvertently helped to start.
After leading the American victory in the Revolutionary War, he relinquished his military power and returned to civilian life. This act alone brought him much renown.
There was initially a question as to how the new leader was to be properly addressed. The Senate proposed that he be called "King" or as "His Highness the President of the United States and Protector of Their Liberties." Washington refused to consider either of these titles. As a result, the Senate and the House of Representatives, after much heated debate, compromised and agreed on the use of the much less pompous "President of the United States."
After his second term expired, Washington again retired to civilian life. He thereby established an important precedent of peaceful change of government that was to serve as an example for the United States and for future Republics throughout the world.
Because of his central role in the founding of the United States, Washington is often called the "Father of the Country." Scholars rank him among the greatest of United States presidents.
A British Leader's Comment
Yes, this is the man who was so highly honored by the great British statesman and four times Prime Minister, William Gladstone.
Gladstone once proposed the creation of a grouping of pedestals for statues of history's greatest men.
The pedestal in the center was noticeably higher that the others.
Gladstone was asked to identify the figure to be given the place of honor on the highest pedestal.
Without a moment's hesitation, he answered: "George Washington."
President of the Constitutional Convention
George Washington presided over the Constitutional Convention, during which time the Constitution was approved and adopted at the State house in Philadelphia on September 17, 1787. Only he, a moral, honorable and dignified man -- through personal example, committed leadership and force of character -- could hold the strong-willed, opinion-differing men together at the glorious Constitutional Convention. The destiny of a great nation lay upon the shoulders of this heroic leader.
Hall of Heroes
Inducted by Life Magazine in 1998 into its Hall of Heroes, these words most appropriately written by historian Garry Wills: "Washington is the greatest President, greatest leader, greatest politician. He steered a course through revolution and nation-building with immense tact and wisdom. Nobody else could have done it."
Yes, George Washington is an American hero whose eminence is not fully covered by the record of his life. For example, the man was substantially greater than anything he did.
He was a military genius, a mastermind.
He wrenched freedom, independence and liberty from oppression;
He was an outstanding statesman.
He helped evolve a secure government from political turmoil;
He was a patriot.
He refused a crown.
Wisdom and understanding, persistence, forbearance, bravery, dedication to the worthy cause animated his every act.
Thanklessness, unfairness and disloyalty never disillusioned him, but served to reinforce and make his character stronger.
He grew in dignity and in capability to the need of his mounting responsibility and authority.
He never became pompous or disdainful.
Personal aspirations and selfish opportunity never tempted him from the slender corridor of honor.

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