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Maqlu Magic

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About the author:
Joshua Free first began by receiving personal apprenticeships from his early years and progressing through his entire life, including various Christian Gnostics, Rosicrucians, Freemasons, members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, O.T.O. Ordo Templi Orientis, A.A. Argentium Astrum among others. He was officially initiated into the Pheryllt Druid tradition at the age of 12 and began leading his own Gnostic Druid organization at 13.

In addition to being the founder of the Mardukite Ministries and director of the Truth Seeker Press, he is currently author-editor for several popular underground classics including "The Sorcerer's Handbook of Merlyn Stone", "Necronomicon Anunnaki Bible", "Sumerian Religion: Secrets of the Anunnaki", "Babylonian Myth & Magic", "Necronomicon Revelations", "Book of Elven-Faerie" and "Gates of the Necronomicon" a newly devised anthology.

Maqlu Magic

Sumerian Sorcery & The Dark Arts of Babylon

Authored by Joshua Free
Translated by Khem Juergen

...the most ancient and coveted manual of the DARK ARTS ever known to man -- finally translated for accessible modern practice by the Mardukite Chamberlains for the first time ever in print to the public -- the product of a three year intensive venture!

THE MAQLU... authentic "Necronomicon Spellbook" of Mesopotamian Magick drawn from the sands of Babylonia -- as known to the Sumerians then reinvented in Babylon -- forming a complete Anunnaki ('alien sky god') "grimoire" -- a complete handbook dedicated to ENKI, MARDUK and SAMAS and used by magicians and priests for thousands of years to combat in wizards' duels, reverse the effects of evil spells and curses, banish disease and nightmares, and conjure the protection and blessings of the gods!

THE MAQLU... mere 'folk magic' or rural witches' "Book of Shadows", the MAQLU (M-Series) of cuneiform tablets was first in possession of the 'highest order' of priest-scribes and temple-magicians in ancient Mesopotamia -- the cradle-origins of human civilization. So powerful was the MAQLU that the government of the greatest empires in history employed its use to ensure prosperous lands, happiness among the people and to dispel the chaotic, negative and malignant forces in the community -- things we long for even now... and perhaps as in the long forgotten millennium past, the MAQLU provides an answer just as relevant today!

MAQLU MAGIC is the previously unpublished conclusion to the "Tablet-M Series" of the Mardukite Chamberlains, found within the "Necronomicon Anunnaki Bible", now available to the public in conjunction with the Mardukite Truth Seeker Press edition as "Liber M - The New MAQLU Translation" and simultaneously released by the Mardukites as "Necronomicon Spellbook II: The Magick of the Maqlu" edited by Joshua Free.

Publication Date:
1467904678 / 9781467904674
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US Trade Paper
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5.25" x 8"
Black and White
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Social Science / Folklore & Mythology

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