Marty's Barnyard Pattern Hoedown
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Marty's Barnyard Pattern Hoedown

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Marty's Barnyard Pattern Hoedown

What comes next?...8...10...14...20...28...38...
Sequencing, making patterns and determining what comes next are difficult skills to master. Before a child can understand the harder patterns, they need to be able to analyze simple
patterns. Give your child an early start with this fun video that teaches simple patterns. Children don't realize they are learning...they just enjoy having fun. This video will give them a head start on a skill that carries all through elementary, high
school and even into college...When learning is fun, it is easier to grasp. Start with simple things kids animals and their sounds. Children love to get involved in learning. They will soon be high kicking with the cows or twirling around like the pigs when they have analyzed the patterns correctly.
The cartoon animals are delightful and the music is familiar. What a fun and easy way to begin learning a skill they will use through college.

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Format: DVD-R