Risky Business: A Look Inside America's Adult Film Industry
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Risky Business: A Look Inside America's Adult Film Industry

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Risky Business: A Look Inside America's Adult Film Industry

Risky Business: A Look Inside America's Adult Film Industry examines the social, psychological, and economic impacts of performing in adult films. What makes people decide to become adult entertainers, how do they go about entering the business, what are their experiences in the business, and how do they deal with career options, finances, and relationships once they exit the business? The documentary also examines proposed regulations that would address current industry issues, including workplace health and safety, such as mandatory STD testing and condom use, and job discrimination once performers decide to leave the industry and pursue conventional employment.

The documentary is about misperceptions of people in the porn business. It takes a no holds barred look (not graphic) at what the producers, directors, performers go through during and after their career in the adult film business. It examines the social stigma, how doing an adult film keeps you out of making regular movies and out of regular jobs (in 2013, a LA school teacher was fired for doing porn 10 years earlier). In many cases performers quit porn then can't find someone to date and fall in love with. The question is, why is sex in a film so bad? Yet no one minds when it (sex) happens to them. The film takes a great responsibility in discussing STDs, AIDS, safe-sex, the importance of being of age to work in or watch adult films. I love the movie because it presents a taboo topic in a way that appeals to all audiences. As one of the interview subjects in the movie says "why are we all so afraid of the one thing (sex), that is simply part of our nature. It's who we are." Grade: A-

Brian Berkenfeld, Cezar Capone, Collin O'Neal, Daisy Duxe, Dale DaBone, Dave Pounder, Diane Duke, Dirty Sanchez, Doug Mowery, Emily Rigby, Frank Shooster, Gracie Glam, Gregory Piccionelli, Howard Levine, J.D. Obenberger, Jack Lawrence, Jeff Wolf, Joey Ray, John Strange, Jose Castro, Joy King, Kaylani Lei, Kevin O'Neal, Krista Kaslo, Lawrence G. Walters, Lawrence Siegel, Michael Klein, Michael Weinstein, Santino Lee, Scott Hancock, Sixto Pacheo, Sunny Leone, Tanner Mayes, Tiffany Shepherd

Award of Merit -2013 Indie Film Fest
Aloha Accolade Award - 2013 Honolulu Film Awards
Bronze Award - Documentary Feature - 2013 Jam Fest Film Fest
Winner, Best Exploitative Film - 2013 Motor City Nightmares Horro Expo and Film Festival
1st Place, Documentary Feature - 2013 The Indie Gathering International Film Festival
Honorable Mention - 2013 International Film Festival For Peace, Inspiration and Equality
Winner, Best Documentary - 2013 FlipsideTV Film Festival
Semi-Finalist, Documentary Feature - 2013 Moondance International Film Festival
Platinum Reel Award - 2013 Nevada International Film Festival
1st Place (Documentary Feature) - 2013 SkyFest Film & Script Festival
Winner, Best Feature Documentary - 2013 World Music and Independent Film Festival

Film Festivals:
2013 Idyllwild CinemaFest
2013 Jam Fest Film Fest
2013 Winter Film Awards Independent Film Festival
2013 Fort Myers Film Festival
2013 Hamilton Film Festival
2013 Riverside International Film Festival (RIFF)
2013 Workers Unite! Film Festival
2013 Treasure Coast International Film Festival
2013 Hoboken International Film Festival ("HIFF")
2013 FlipsideTV Film Festival
2013 New York City International Film Festival
2013 Intendence Film Festival
2013 Chain NYC Film Festival
2013 The Indie Gathering International Film Festival
2013 World Music and Independent Film Festival
2013 Peachtree Village International Film Festival
2013 Central Florida Film Festival
2013 Long Island Film Festival
2013 TrindieFest
2013 Naperville Independent Film Festival
2013 Phenom Film Fest
2013 Oaxaca FilmFest (Mexico)
2013 Arpa International Film Festival
2013 Marbella International Film Festival
2013 Other Venice Film Festival
2013 Flint Film Festival
2013 Sunscreen Film Festival

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