Srimad Bhagwat Geeta

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About the author:
Jaipal Singh Datta is one of the world's most sought -after professional on scientific and technical analysis of Srimad Bhagwat Geeta and Life after death. His pioneering insights on these topics have made him the first choice of many religious leaders to discuss new concepts on life after death and tatwa theory of Hindus. He informed that there is no God. Exploiters exploit name of God to satisfy their greed and desires. Krishna is everywhere. It means all bio creations are made of five tatwa / elements known as Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Energy. Jaipal Singh Datta is chartered Engineer (Mechanical), Master in Food Technology and did research in Astrology. He has worked as Chief Executive in many breweries and believes on Management by Human Values. Jaipal's extraordinarily inspirational presentations are fully customized through a unique research process. His new approach to Bio Chip as Chitra Gupt and Yamaraj (God of Death) as Bio Chip Master, and Atmic Amino Acid (special amino acid of DNA and RNA , which carries information to next life)as Atman of Atman Ram is his new method to explain new scientific analysis of Garuda Puran and Bhagwat Geeta.

Srimad Bhagwat Geeta

Authored by Mr. Jaipal Singh Datta

There is no God. Exploiters have exploited others by taking name of different Gods / Goddesses to satisfy their greed or lust. There is no study so beneficial and so elevating as that of Upnishads / Vedas / Bhagwatgeeta. After reading my technical and scientific analysis of Bhagwat Geeta, World is going to see a revolution in thought more extensive and more powerful than that which was witnessed due to Industrial / Information technology revolution.
Those who keep their eyes open, those who understand the working in the minds of the different human beings, those who are thinkers and study different fields of science will find the immense change in the literature of the World by this slow and never ceasing permeation of thoughts.
These sages do not belong to India alone. Sages or knowledge of sages belong to the universe. Characteristic of human bio machines is to struggle, think beyond time, beyond non existence. NASA or Bill Gates and many known and unknown (names are not important) are serving the humanity. When you add spiritual energy to the means available with individuals, than only humanity can progress / discover / develop/ create. Capital accumulation is the side effect of this cause.

Verses of Bhagwat Geeta are very difficult to explain as meaning of verses changes with new scientific and technological developments. It is always new. So read my new tatwa theory about bio creations, atmic amino acids, rebirth, food and human characteristics.

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