Technical Analysis Basics
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Technical Analysis Basics

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Technical Analysis Basics

This seminar applies the principles in Gerald Everett Jones's book "How to Lie with Charts" to the charting of financial results. His focus is on market technical analysis, but the wider implications of visual perception and interpretation bear on all aspects of creating clear communication, including proposal and presentation graphics.
To apply one of Murphy's Laws, "Technical analysis is a systematic method of coming to the wrong conclusion with high confidence." You'll see how seemingly arbitrary choices about parameters and presentation modes can make all types of charts difficult to understand or even misleading. Relevant topics include separating signals from noise, axis manipulation, scaling, 3D effects, statistical analysis, and the human tendency to see meaning in patterns.
Jones not only simplifies technical analysis but also places it in perspective as a tool among various approaches to making decisions about what's happening on a daily basis in stock and commodities markets.

Gerald Everett Jones

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