Financial Proofreading
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Financial Proofreading

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Financial Proofreading

Learn how to make your financial reports both professional and classy. Diligent proofing in itself won’t make a killer impression. But failing to proof for both accuracy and consistency could have woeful results. In this narrated slideshow seminar, author and business presentation guru Gerald Everett Jones brings the point home with a simple formula: Inconsistency Equals Perceived Sloppiness and Lack of Thoroughness, and ergo... Mistrust of Your Results! In a brief half-hour session, you'll get a comprehensive survey of: variations in professional style rules and how to enforce consistency, along with guidelines for footnotes, punctuation, spelling, appearance, proofing methods, and even tips for composing e-mail. Perhaps numbers don’t lie, but you can’t afford a comma or a decimal point in the wrong place!

Gerald Everett Jones

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