I Am A Cosmic-Entity

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I Am A Cosmic-Entity

The New Man on Earth

Authored by TheWriter, Armand A Sadhoe

"I Am A Cosmic Entity: The New Man on Earth" is the first of a series Reports, that is meant to be your road-map for 2012 and beyond for the accelerated transcendence of your awareness, enlightenment, ascension and finally, entering the golden age on this planet Earth by each and every one of us here.

As such this first Report reveals a lot of new insights, information and guidelines how to cultivate your spiritual gifts and paranormal abilities that we now need to activate to co-create a better world here on planet Earth.

"What we are not aware of don't exist for us and as such are useless even if these include our own inner abilities, which could open new opportunities for a better future for you, me and the Golden Age to come".

I Am A Cosmic Entity: The New Man on Earth is a must-have Report about our paranormal or inner abilities as I have used and explored during my whole stay-time on this living planet Earth

In this time, place and space that we occupy now we are Souls of the Golden Age or as I love to name us; Travelers of the Universes, now visiting planet Earth.

Each of us came here with a Cosmic Treasure Chest that is filled with Cosmic Tools or Inner Abilities to accomplish our Personal Purpose for this stay-time on this vibrantly living planet Earth.

Just visualize for a moment what life on Earth will be like when our cosmic heart to heart connection is fully activated and this Channel of Empathy accelerates a warm welcome, every kind of healing and supportive energies anywhere you come around this, then also healthy living planet Earth.

Our stay-time on this living planet Earth is like visiting two cosmic-colleges at the same time.
1: The Below College: to gather information and grow from a newborn, unaware infant to spiritual adulthood, and being ready to utilize the Inner Abilities.
2: The Above College: to transform from immanent 'Arousal of Life' to a continuously transcending conscious Cosmic-Entity

It is for attending these both colleges at the same time that we have this top-evolved human-body and brains to utilize as our Set of Sophisticated Devices to encode and transform our inner abilities to an ever expanding range of employable awareness-frequencies.

The first step for anyone to board the voyage to what I have named 'Spiritual Adulthood' and the switching on of the Inner Abilities, is to expand one's Active Awareness or Alertness as I prefer to name this state of open mind.
Nowadays this next level of ascension is known as the Fifth Dimension or the World of Heart-Vibrations.

I'm convinced that this Revolutionary New Information was meant to be revealed in this adventurous time of accelerated Changes throughout humanity and Earthly life.

The accelerated awakening of mankind now not only includes each becoming aware of Reality in all its frequencies and vibrations, details and valuable functionalities, but the more awakening means: the activation and utilization of the Inner Abilities as each human is born with.

Personal transformation, Awakening, Ascension.

Keywords: change,revolution of the mind, transcendence,paranormal,2012,spiritual,new information

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