Challenge the Change Agents
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Challenge the Change Agents

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Challenge the Change Agents

Land grabbers and others who seek to curtail our freedom and push us toward a totalitarian government have often used psychological tactics in public hearings. Video materials showing examples are easily found on the Internet. Methods of opposing such tactics and defending our freedom, however, need to be learned and distributed widely as possible.

Join Edward Harshman as he presents clear instruction in a text-based slideshow format, with narration, on how to identify unfair tactics during public hearings and what to do to fight back (completely legally).

If you and your political allies in liberty are expecting to go to a public hearing and anticipate that dishonest tactics will be used at it, then you MUST prepare to fight back. Don't risk being caught by surprise and unable to defend yourself and your freedom. This DVD is an hour and a quarter long and will prepare you. Actual footage from a hearing in California is shown, with commentary.

This DVD also comes with a PowerPoint presentation and a tax-and-spend ringtone in Barack Obama's own voice (mp3 format). Put the DVD in a computer DVD drive and look in the Additional Materials folder to retrieve them.

Conceived, produced, edited, and narrated by Edward Harshman. No mass-media money was used to make this DVD.

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