The Bankers' Greed Blues

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About the author:
Dean Alger, Ph.D., is author of five previous (nonfiction) books. The first four discussed the democratic process, elections, and the media's role in public affairs. His coauthored book, CROSSTALK (first author: Marion Just) was an award-winning landmark election, media and voters study. His fourth book, MEGAMEDIA, was highly praised by Bill Moyers and other significant figures. Moyers told Alger the book was a prime inspiration for making the much-lauded Moyers documentary for PBS, "Free Speech for Sale." Dr. Alger served as Associate Director of Communications for a winning US senate campaign (challenger), as Consultant to Minnesota's Secretary of State, as election analyst for commercial and public TV and radio. In the '90s he was a Fellow in the famous Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. His fifth book is about one of the great musical figures of the 20th century, Lonnie Johnson, plus broader musical and societal matters. He's also a singer and guitarist. His musical name, "Dr. D," was borrowed for this novel (as was some of his biography). Dr. D's powerful performance of the novel's theme song, "The Bankers' Greed Blues," with two other fine musicians is on YouTube. Search: Protest song-Bankers' Greed Blues. He lives in St. Paul, Minnesota.

For more, see:, including the lyrics to "The Bankers' Greed Blues."

The Bankers' Greed Blues

Authored by Dr. Dean Alger

"Dean Alger has written a compelling political novel. The Wall Street scandals are almost stranger than fiction. So it's sweet irony that Alger has so effectively used fiction as a teaching tool for how to hold those and other special interests accountable."
-Former "Prairie Populist" US Senator Byron Dorgan, author of best seller, "Take This Job and Ship It: How Corporate Greed and Brain Dead Politics are Selling Out America"

This unique novel, written with flair and humor, deals powerfully and engagingly with the whole Wall Street-Big Banks disaster and the terrible impact on America, and with the failure of government officials to hold them accountable. Further, it tackles the severe inequality of income and wealth and a corrupted Congress and election process. Part 3 of the novel broadens out into a story of developments in election 2012, with material and twists that will appeal to many who are hungry for restoring the American democracy and making the economy work for the great majority, not just a wealthy, powerful elite. Indeed, the spirit of the novel and elements of the story offer hope and inspiration; and the striking real public opinion findings, coordinated with issues and real political developments, show the way for changing our politics. (The author has exceptional credentials for writing about this. See There are also a couple of interesting and sexy love stories.

"I can't imagine a novel better capturing the current political-economic scene. Alger brings the deep insights of his years as a political scientist and political consultant to take us inside the campaign of Paul Brooks, a genuinely populist candidate for the US Senate who won't sell us out. If only we could vote for him!"
-Clay Steinman, Professor of Media and Cultural Studies, Macalester College

Primary Colors and other political novels are about the political game. But people are sick of political games.

The story in Parts 1 and 2 of The Bankers' Greed Blues is initiated by the novel's first key character performing Alger's/"Dr. D's" powerful protest song, "The Bankers' Greed Blues"-the source of the novel's title. NOTE: There is a companion video on YouTube of a live performance of the song by the author/"Dr. D," and two other superb musicians. On YouTube, search: "Protest song-Bankers' Greed Blues."

In Part 1 the story initially develops from performances of that song. A group of people gradually coalesces and decides to do something significant and unusual to hold those greedy, arrogant Big Bankers accountable and send a potent symbolic message to America that "We the People" have had it and things must fundamentally change. That leads to dramatic actions in Part 2, which include stylish, compelling writing, along with some pointed humor; many people will cheer all that.

Starting in Part 2 the story broadens out into a "documentary of the near future" about what could & should happen in election 2012. A striking US senate candidate, with commitment and integrity, leads a national coalition and movement beyond the political parties called "A New Declaration of Independence" to change the dominance of big money special interests and a corrupted Congress and election process. Real people from the world of politics, like Elizabeth Warren and Russ Feingold, make "appearances" in the novel.

One of the things that make the novel interesting and engaging is the creative use of music. There are appropriate cameo appearances by famous musicians, like Bruce Springsteen, Bonnie Raitt, Pete Seeger and John Mayer. There are also appearances by actors-with-consciences like Susan Sarandon and Danny Glover.

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