Armageddon Yellowstone: Hell Unleashed

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About the author:
Dr. Terry Rich Hartley has "served hard time" as a research psychologist, psychology professor, and award-winning newspaper journalist. He currently brings psychological principles to fiction. He is the author of The Octopus Hook Murders, The Ditchrider's Daughter, Paranoia on River Road, Whisper, and Whisper II: The Books.

Armageddon Yellowstone: Hell Unleashed

Authored by Terry Rich Hartley

It would explode with a force a thousand times more powerful than the Mount St Helens eruption in 1980. The world's largest super-volcano located underneath the United States' Yellowstone National Park is set to blow. (Actual report from The UK's Daily Mail)

*A scientist on a suicide mission...
*A Faustian bargain with a mysterious life form...
*A brain damaged boy is biologically re-engineered...
*A ghostly shaman bearing visions of disaster...
*A rash of murderous behavior in two small towns...
*A cavern concealing clandestine maneuvers...
*A vast, deep reservoir of fiery molten rock threatening the heart of North America...

When biological psychologist Tom Havyn sets out to kill himself at his recently inherited ranch near the small berg of Glensford, Idaho, he unwittingly puts humanity on a trajectory to disaster. Blaming himself for his son Travis's massive brain trauma, Havyn makes a Faustian bargain with an exotic stranger who possesses the technology to repair and even enhance the damaged tissue. Moreover, the new traits could be passed on, making Travis the key to a breathtaking leap in human evolution.
Soon, Havyn finds himself acting as a Judas goat for an antigovernment paramilitary organization. His newfound ability to predict disaster turns him into a modern day messiah who draws thousands of followers into a trap set by the paramilitary group with plans to use them as carriers for a highly infectious designer virus. Simultaneously, the group adulterates the U.S. food supply.
Converging events, including earthquakes, random killings, and food shortages create a nationwide panic of monumental proportions. Lost in the maelstrom is the fact that an extinction level event looms in the background. The vast, deep reservoir of fiery, molten rock that feeds cyclical cataclysmic eruptions at Yellowstone is nearing the level of the last supervolcano, which occurred 600,000 years ago. Only this time, one man has his finger on the volcano's hair trigger. In the bargain to save his son, Havyn is central to unleashing hell on civilization, to scorch much of the earth clean and make room for a new sort of human race represented by his biologically re-engineered son.
Armageddon Yellowstone: Hell Unleashed is a gripping story of human emotion and behavior under the cloud of annihilation.(

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146819884X / 9781468198843
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US Trade Paper
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6" x 9"
Black and White
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Fiction / Science Fiction / Adventure

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