My Hometown - Disc 8 (Schools, Libraries, small groups license: non-profit)
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My Hometown - Disc 8 (Schools, Libraries, small groups license: non-profit)

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My Hometown - Disc 8 (Schools, Libraries, small groups license: non-profit)

Educational Family Series / Social Emotional Learning
Tell them it is cool to be a good kid with educational series MY HOMETOWN!
MY HOMETOWN is used by teachers all over the world, both for social emotional learning discussions and ESL classes. Have a glimpse at the educational guides:

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- 4 X 24 min - Episodes 28-29-30-31
DVD all regions. For Schools and Libraries or small groups non-profit showings. (Church groups etc..)

With Jay Baruchel, Albert Rosos, Sarah Osman. Produced and directed by Jean Mercier. As seen on YTV Canada, TV ONTARIO, The Knowledge Channel (BC), The Disney Channel in New Zealand and Australia and some 50 other countries.


Episode 28 - The Big Choice:
School is almost over! Thomas and Simon are planning summer adventures. Yes, Thomas finds many diversions to ignore his failing mark in maths - he believes that things will just work out. But reality bites!

Episode 29 - A Place To Belong:
Mr. Deschesnes is greatly affected by his upcoming 80th birthday, and his friend Miss Kaplan is being pressured to move away in a home at the same time. Is this living the golden years in grace? Lisa recognizes that action must be taken.

Episode 30 - No Time To Lose:
Simon is willing to train non-stop to reach his goals and swim competitively. He sets up his own training space at a cottage by the lake for the summer. But driving himself almost to exhaustion, our champion faces a brush with death.

Episode 31 - Friends Grow Up:
Lisa and the boys find a nice little cabin on a cove and realize this is a great location for their summer parties. Bashful attraction becomes more serious as things seems like they are about to change.

Consumers can see this series on AMAZON. See the link on the left side of this window.

Also available for broadcasters and community television as well. Please contact us for licensing this family series.

Includes CC for hearing impaired.

Televised Broadcasts:
YTV, TV Ontario, The Knowledge Network, Disney Channel Australia & New Zealand, + 55 other countries.

"Two wings up"... from angels on earth!
MY HOMETOWN, a series produced and directed by Jean Mercier from Montreal epitomizes the very qualities that we all aspire to.. fairness, empathy, honesty, inspired creativity and respect. This successful television series captures a Rockwellian Disney'esque essence that will provide quality family entertainment and a genuine positive viewing experience! The values integrated into the series' storylines are timeless and should be a 'must watch' for all families seeking viable alternatives to the shallow media fare so prolific in today's content. I rate MY HOMETOWN "two wings up" ...from angels on earth!

Dale Taylor
Former VP Programming & Production

Jay Baruchel, Albert Rosos, Sarah Osman

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