The Un-Game

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About the author:
Before immigrating to the United States at age eleven, Ingrid Martine lived in Germany. Her fascination with human behavior began as an eight year old who read-under bed covers by flashlight and against strict maternal instructions-mythological stories and Tolstoy's Anna Karenina. They fired my imagination and a hunger to understand people. Since she wanted to solve the puzzle of people losing their early enthusiasm for learning, she became an educator. Starting in academia-Ingrid has a Master's degree in French Literature and speaks three languages fluently-and then moving into the world of business-first as a consultant, then as an internationally certified executive and team coach with clients in North America, Europe, and Australia-she got interested in unconventional models of learning.

While working as a teacher with inner-city at-risk youth who seemed to hate to learn, Ingrid started experimenting with and developing innovative educational models. Certain that a disdain for learning is unnatural, she submits that learning environments must help people-adults in corporate America included-get out of their own way. Her ability to create rich learning environments was facilitated as much by non-traditional learning experiences like waitressing, horse and dog training, all of which required her to be "client-centered," as by her graduate work in psychology and experiential education design. "The Un-Game" is a novel whose characters work in such a rich learning environment. Ingrid Martine's intention is to engage you in a learning process that supports exceptional effectiveness at work and transfers to your life beyond work. Ingrid lives with her husband, Joe, their three horses and two dog friends near Austin, Texas.

The Un-Game

Four-Play to Business as Unusual

Authored by Ingrid Martine

"The Un-Game" is based on the premise that we have more to unlearn than learn in order to meet current work and life challenges. "The Un-Game" is both a captivating novel and an inspirational invitation for organizational leaders to engage in a cutting-edge paradigm shift about how 21st century organizations do business. While speaking specifically to managers and other leaders, it also has universal appeal-we are, after all, managers of our own lives. Like the young protagonist, Sam Adler, who longs to be a great manager, we too want to live our lives with clarity, focus, ease, and grace instead of walking around in a mental fog. With the support of master coach Sophia Zabar and four great manager mentors who challenge his meaning-making system, Sam learns to "unchain his brain" and recognize the roadblocks impeding the constructive change and spectacular success he desires for his struggling customer support department. He learns that-to his surprise-the "enemy" of this deeply needed change is not the enemy after all, but only a loyal opponent whom he can learn to outplay! Through author Ingrid Martine's incisive four-step process-presented with the clarity of a management manual and the engaging fun of a novel-the reader can learn along with Sam the distinctions and skill-sets that allow him to see and systematically challenge his most closely held and often invisible beliefs, opinions, and conclusions. He finds that, while some still serve him, many out-dated notions need to be discarded in order for him to achieve the goals that light up his life. With limiting beliefs no longer invisible, Sam learns-as will the reader- how to design "games worth playing and goals worth playing for."

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0983445400 / 9780983445401
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