Fishy Tales

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About the author:
This is my very brief biography - I accumulated quite a lot of it over the years... for more information, books, pictures and photographs, please visit my website at

I was born in Moscow before it became a part of the larger world, in 1969. I grew up, more or less, and completed an Art school program in 1986. I was writing poetry and reading just about everything that I could find. After three attempts and numerous adventures in bureaucracy, I was accepted to the Second Moscow Medical School in spite of being ethnically Jewish and characterologically an annoying know-it-all.

My family and I left the Soviet Union as soon as we could - in 1989. At that point, we were plunging into the unknown, with no chance of return or contact with our former lives. In order to leave, we had to give up our citizenship and most of our stuff. We spent two weeks in Austria and six months in Italy, awaiting permission to enter the United States. We belonged nowhere in time or space - a unique state most people never experience.

After arriving in the United States, I worked, and studied, and worked again. I worked as a neuropsychologist for ten years. It was fun! But by that time it became abundantly clear that I actually much prefer learning to knowing and asking questions to answering them. Since I was not prepared to deal with the bureaucracy of academia, the question of how to make a living by means of asking questions proved to be a tricky one.

Meanwhile, I married my boyfriend of 14 years. It was a fairy tale wedding: just the two of us in a Las Vegas chapel, with an Elvis Presley impersonator for a witness - was it reality or fiction? Anyway, it is a consensual reality - another term for a shared delusion - for us. In 2006 we had a daughter and in 2007 - a son. There is nothing more real than that. I had been drawing and dabbling in photography throughout the years, but at that point I started writing and illustrating for my children, and suddenly realized that I had something to say. I also realized that it was a natural way of making a living by means of asking questions - which seems to me to be the purpose of art. Which brings me neatly to the present day and the purpose of this site.

We moved to England in 2010 and I continued to write and draw. My children are my target audience - which is nice, since they are definitely biased in my favor. I hope you will be too!

Fishy Tales

Authored by Dr. Anastasya Shepherd

Four picture books in one! I wrote them to explain
things to my children - and, of course, to amuse them. There are pictures, adventures, magic, psychological profiles, some jokes and several loud booms!

Happy End. A classic tale of a prince being turned
into a frog - and how it is not necessarily a bad thing.

The Four Little Pigs. A cautionary tale about the sad consequences of little pigs being ill-prepared for real-world encounters with Big Bad Wolves. A shocking revelation about the fourth little pig, who has been previously concealed from the public eye!!!

The Sleeping Beauty. A touching tale of love, family and merchandising. It has a beautiful princess, three good fairies and one so-so one, true love and a somewhat unexpected happy end.

The Ugly Duckling's Dream.
An old story with a new twist.
Is it a joke or a fable?
You decide.

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1469940558 / 9781469940557
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