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About the author:
M. Charles McBee

Novelist, Screenwriter, Innkeeper, Wine Industry Professional

Shortly after I was born I knew one thing for sure. I was going to be a movie producer. By the age of eight or nine I was biking, daily, down to the local library in town and sitting for hours scanning books on movie production. I, of course, had no clue what I was reading. And this was further complicated by the fact there were no pictures! So I concluded the next best thing was to see every movie possible that came to the Clock Tower Theater in Roslyn, NY. Everything from Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis to Hitchcock's "Pyscho," which I particularly liked because it reminded me of my Uncle Ed. But that's another story.
Off I went to the University of Dayton where I excelled in Play Directing, Television Production, and as an on-air radio personality at WVUD-FM. After graduation I unfortunately did not get the job I wanted, i.e. an NBC page. Not to be discouraged, and realizing that perhaps my family had my career interests in mind - not there first wish which included automatic entry into the family business, i.e., importing and wholesaling fine wine & spirits, (I was the 4th generation heir apparent) I was able to land a job on Madison Avenue with some help. I worked at Marseller, Inc, and it's here I learned to write. I was taught to write with both the big screen - movies - and the little screen - TV - in mind. It's known as "visual" writing. Somewhere in there I did join the family business.
After retiring from the wine & spirits business, I returned to graduate school to re-acquaint myself with the discipline of screenwriting. In the past ten years I've either won or placed well in numerous contests, the avenue to assignment work in Hollywood. The path is long and hard, but constantly working at it does pay off.
It was suggested to me that I convert my original screenplays to novels as a way to get better exposure to production companies and the major studios.
COUNTERPOINT is my first effort at that objective.
In the meantime my wife and I have created a luxurious Bed & Breakfast in Virginia and have entertained (my shtick is fabulous) and hosted close to 7000 guests since opening in 2004.
So when I'm not making beds or flipping pancakes, I'm writing.
Hopefully I'll get good at the writing part and I'll be able to quit my lowly position at the Inn.
Don't tell the Innkeeper!


A Jack Connolly Novel

Authored by M. Charles McBee

COUNTERPOINT - or "the West Wing meets the Hunt for Red October" - is a high stakes political drama that meets the satirical, insightful mind set of our main character, Commander Jack Connolly, U.S. Navy. A thirty something guy who's single, extremely bright, and, by his own admission, a babe magnet. He is a submariner, re-assigned to the White House by an Admiral out at Pearl Harbor, someone with a sense of humor. A re-assignment the result of an "incident" at sea involving a Russian submarine. At least, that's what that Admiral said. "An incident!"
Jack devotes his weekends at Camp Peary in Virginia analyzing Intel on submarines operated by enemies of the U.S. However, most of the time he's analyzing Lieutenant j.g. Lauren Miller. She's a captivating, young, gorgeous chick with a well-toned body, every inch of which is known to Jack. And also, perhaps the brightest Intel officer in the Navy.
At least Jack thinks so.
That is, about the first part.
Their work together during the Labor Day weekend has uncovered a retired Oscar Class Russian submarine that left the Sea of Japan, manned by North Koreans. Jack's quick, astute analysis determines the ship could not possibly be run by North Koreans as they are incapable of navigating even a dingy across a calm lake. Jack decides the ship is run by Russians, perhaps former Russian submariners. Perhaps dissidents.
They also fix the ships' location as possibly heading into the Red Sea. But not so sure as the tail the U.S. Navy put on the sub when it left the Sea of Japan - a fast attack sub - was mysteriously pulled-off when the ship got to the Persian Gulf region.
The clock is now running. And there's only 48 hours remaining for Jack and Lauren to pull all the puzzle pieces together. Jack leaves Camp Peary to join the President and selected members of the President's inner circle for the annual Labor Day picnic at Camp David in Maryland.
It's here that Jack is met by his boss, the lovely, yet shrewd Ms. Eiko Narita, National Security Advisor to the President, Donald Giordan. Her questions about events in the Seychelles' Islands come out of left field and momentarily astonish Jack. He suspects she's someone with a very private agenda, and also someone who has a questionable professional relationship with the Director of Central Intelligence, Simon Unger. Both individuals give Jack pause for further concern about our National Security apparatus.
Simon Unger manipulates events from behind the scenes at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. All the while the bright, ambitious and simply stunning Lt. j.g. Lauren Miller has managed to hack into the most secure facilities within the U.S. government. And, according to Jack, by knowing how to do it she has violated every known law involving computer hacking. Anyway, she uncovers a web of deceit and lies, as well as unclear instructions given to an operative of the CIA whose whereabouts on the planet is unknown.
Instructions that may include the implementation of a Presidential executive order known in the spook world as "Tombstone," an assassination directive.
Tensions that flare at the White House, the Pentagon, and the CIA are further complicated by the arrival at the West Wing of a very nervous Gideon Margolies, the Israeli Ambassador to the United States who has his own take on the mission of the renegade sub, and what individuals are behind the whole mess.
The President, seemingly concentrating on the renegade submarine and what cargo it could be carrying, much to Jack Connolly's disbelief, is still determined to move forward with his re-election campaign scheduled to kick-off the day after Labor Day.
Jack, and another partner added to his team, his friend, Secret Service Agent Lawrence Mitchener, are not only focused on the mystery of the renegade submarine, but another pesky little problem.
Former Marine Corps General, Seth Greene, Vice President of the United States, has vanished.

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1469970082 / 9781469970080
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US Trade Paper
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6" x 9"
Black and White
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Fiction / Political

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