Versus Nurture

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About the author:
Jonathan David Morris is the author of three books, including his 2008 debut novel, "The Best Sniper Ever," and the 2012 novella "Versus Nurture."

JDM first broke into the world of professional writing with a brief 2000 sportswriting stint with The Times of Trenton. In 2001, he established a weekly column, JDM vs the World, which appeared, amongst other places, in North Jersey's Aquarian Weekly and Wilmington, NC's Encore Magazine.

He currently lives in Chester Co., Pennsylvania, with his wife, son, and cat.

Versus Nurture

Authored by Jonathan David Morris

What if you could go back in time and stop one of history's worst atrocities from happening?

What if you didn't have to go back in time to do it? What if that opportunity came straight to you?

Chris and Karen Ransom first meet at an anti-Iraq War rally in college. She's a committed pacifist with a deeply personal attachment to her viewpoint; he's just a dude trying to pick up chicks. Still together and married nine years later, they unexpectedly receive news that's about to change their lives - a development Karen had actively hoped against, and something Chris secretly thought was impossible.

That's when it happens. Explosions rock their household. Smoke fills the hallway. Chris thinks he dies.

Our heroes wake up in the presence of two unexpected visitors... and learn of the choice they have to make.

War is coming. Worse than Iraq. Worse than any war that's ever been fought. It's a war that threatens our existence as a species - indeed, that threatens existence itself. Chris and Karen may possess the ability to stop it. But when the values that have ruled their lives for years come in conflict with who they truly are as people, Chris and Karen are about to learn that the decision to Stop The War is really not so simple.

"Versus Nurture" is the ultimate "What would you do in this situation?" story. A deeply psychological work of soft science fiction - written, conceived, and unleashed upon the world by the brilliant mind of Jonathan David Morris.

Praise for "Versus Nurture":

"In 'Versus Nurture,' Jonathan David Morris takes the delicate idea of nature versus nurture to a whole new level. Suspenseful, mind-bending, shocking - in the end, which one of us holds the seed for world destruction, and which one of us has what it takes to stop it?" - Robert Swartwood, best-selling author of "Man of Wax" and "Dishonored Dead"

"Fiction can - and has - changed the world. But fiction can also improve the human condition. 'Versus Nature' lies in that elite class. This is no idle story, told simply to entertain - though you will laugh and occasionally blink back a tear as you skim its pages, racing ahead to answer those essential questions all good stories provoke, 'What happens next,' and 'Why?' If you prefer a moral to your riveting reads, you'll love "VN.'" - Becky Akers, author of "Halestorm"

"Versus Nurture had an astounding effect on me in several ways and left me thinking about it for days after finishing the last sentence." - HodgePodge Galore Book Reviews

"The plot is rich with wildly imaginative and intelligent parallels and I was thoroughly engrossed before I quite knew what happened." - RJ Palmer

Jonathan David Morris is "confident enough to write smart, thought-provoking fiction, and brave enough to believe his readers are intelligent enough to understand it." - Montgomery Newspapers

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1475043937 / 9781475043938
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