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The Skin I'm In

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The Skin I'm In

In 2005, filmmaker Broderick Fox was found on the Berlin subway tracks with his head split open and a lethal blood alcohol level of 0.47. Strangers pulled him to safety, giving him a second chance at life and propelling him on a global journey that explores the limits of body, mind, spirit and art.

Spanning Germany, Canada, Japan, Kenya, and the United States, Fox's journey includes collaborations with Canadian First-Nations artist Rande Cook and African-American artist Zulu, who help him memorialize his experiences in a full back tattoo. In our digital age where personal confession and self-exposure abound, Fox instead transforms his experiences into art, making a film that is both innovative and accessible.

After a festival run spanning 17 cities and 11 countries, this DVD release of The Skin I'm In comes to you in 5.1 surround sound with special scene extras.

After watching the film, log onto the associated Web Initiative ( to meet Fox's five personas, explore additional content, and share your own reactions and insights to the film and an array of associated cultural questions.

"US filmmaker Broderick Fox was always uncomfortable in his own skin, so he created a whole new one to live in."
-ABC Radio's Conversations with Richard Fidler

"Gory detail after crazy event is unspooled before our eyes, and like good voyeurs we gobble it up breathlessly awaiting the next barking mad beat that, in his rendering, becomes completely normal... This is a documentary that will be talked about!"
-Santa Fe Film Festival

" Fox the filmmaker knows how to take the stuff of memoir and fashion art."
-Edge Magazine

"Fox narrates his own story as he skillfully peels back layers of himself, many long-suppressed. It reveals a human work-in-progress-scars, bumps, bruises and all."
-Victoria Times-Colonist

"It offers courage and hope for all individuals to chart their own path towards self-understanding and social ease."
-Echo Net Daily

"An exhilarating story of spiritual transformation."
-Out Takes Film Festival

Broderick Fox, Rande Cook, and Zulu

Best Feature and Best of Fest-Tattoo Arts Film Festival-2015
Juror's Pick-Victoria International Film Festival-2013
Special Jury Prize-Arizona International Film Festival-2012
Aloha Accolade Winner, Honolulu Film Awards-2012
Best Documentary Score Finalist-Park City Film Music Festival-2012
Center for Cultural Innovation Investing in Artists Grant awarded for "Artistic Innovation"-2011
Sundance Institute Film Music Program Grant-2011

Film Festivals:
Tattoo Arts Film Festival-April 2015, LA Filmforum-October 2013, Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival-May 2013, Fairy Tales-May 2013, Victoria International Film Festival-February 2013, Visible Evidence XIX-December, 2012, European Film Festival-November-Dec 2012, Santa Fe Film Festival-December 2012, The Screenery Armenia-November 2012, Southwest Gay & Lesbian Film Festival- September 2012, DMZ Docs-October 2012, Park City Music Film Festival-May 2012, Out Takes-May 2012, Arizona International Film Festival-April 2012, Byron Bay International Film Festival-March 2012

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