LOVE LOSS LIFE: The Beauty of a Slow Death

LOVE LOSS LIFE: The Beauty of a Slow Death

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LOVE LOSS LIFE: The Beauty of a Slow Death

Two years ago, Michele DeMeo was told she was going to die. But she refuses to see it this way! As she said in a recent interview on Fox 43 News in York, PA, "I'm more scared of not living then I am of dying".

As depicted in the film "LOVE LOSS LIFE: The Beauty of a Slow Death" Michele DeMeo lives every single day of her life with more passion and determination than the previous day - certain that every person she encounters will benefit in some way for having experienced her.

Michele's remarkable story is an example of the power and sheer mental strength it takes to live beyond an end of life prognosis, and choosing to live with even more passion, style, imagination, and dreams!

Diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease, melanoma and autism (as a child) Michele's story is not defined by her obstacles; but rather, the incredible achievements that she continues to realize in spite of them. As an accomplished author, artist and public speaker, at forty years young Michele's successes are exemplary of what it means to rise above hardship.

In the film, she shares honest insights about the importance of family and acceptance, the love of her life Johann Becker, her understanding of spirituality and purpose, the need for creative expression and ultimately, what it means to let go. And right before your eyes the glow of life within Michele emanates hope for all of us. In this film Michele is simply magical.

Michele DeMeo (as herself)

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