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"Trattoria" is a father-son story wrapped around cooking. Inspired by real chefs, a chef and his son must reconnect and heal their past through cooking.

Set in the San Francisco culinary world, the film follows Sal Sartini, a chef and restaurant owner whose plans to open a new restaurant are complicated when his estranged son returns and asks to work in his kitchen. "Trattoria" is peppered with plenty of sumptuous shots of Chef Sal's mouth-watering creations, producing a very candid look at life in the restaurant business.
Incorporating docu-style interviews with real-life chefs including Mark Estee, Elizabeth Falkner and Traci Des Jardins, the film plays out as both a family drama and an in-depth look at the trials and tribulations of running a successful restaurant. The combination of interviews and intimate montages of Sal's menu coming to life create a unique blend of fact and fiction, something atypical in the family drama genre. Authentic and moving depiction of the troubled relationship between Sal and his son Vince, and of the insider's peek into the drama that unfolds in the restaurant. At its heart, "Trattoria" is a celebration of family and food - two things we can all appreciate.

Tony Denison, John Patrick Amedori, Kandis Erickson, Lisa Rotondi

Film Festivals:
Sonoma International Film Festival
Carmel Film Festival
San Francisco Cinema By The Bay
Kosmorama International Film Festival
Food and Farm Film Festival

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