All You Need to Know About...

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About the author:
Content includes significant passages from the works of G. Edward Griffin, Charlotte Iserbyt, Foster and Kimberly Gamble, John Perkins, Zecharia Sitchin, Edgar Cayce, and others with their unhesitating permission; patriots all, working to save their Republic.

All You Need to Know About...

All You Need to Know About: A synopsis of reality.

Authored by John Whitaker

90% of the author's royalty is donated to Children's Hospitals.

A penetrating journey into secrets of the past hundred years your textbooks and media will never reveal. Medical cures are concealed... free energy is suppressed... UFO visits are denied.
Do you know about your "government after dark," the Council on Foreign Relations, and their published agenda to destroy the sovereignty of the United States? When you are beaten down and have suffered enough to beg, "Something must be done!" They will then blend you in with the UN "Star Wars Bar" of nations. Is that what all those brave young men and women fighting your wars gave their lives for... so the United States could seek equality with Robert Mugabe, Islam Karimov and Kim Jong-un?
Do you wonder how so much can be spent on cancer research and not produce a cure? Can you believe they don't want a cure? Who are "they"?
Do you imagine something fishy about your war on terrorism? No plane hit the Pentagon on 9/11. No plane brought down Building 7. See the proof and learn who did it and why!
Do you know that tax-free Foundations: Guggenheim, Carnegie, Rockefeller, controlling education have taken on the task of dumbing-down America with false and revised versions of history? Why?
Do you know about NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act? Section 1021 has authorized the President to wipe out your Constitutional Rights with the stroke of a pen whenever he perceives an "emergency"? Do you know about your CIA's bribery, coercion, and assassination activities in third world countries designed to force them into impossible debt and positions that favor the profits of multinational corporations.
Do you know that the Federal Reserve creates dollars (digitally) with nothing to back them, lends them (digitally) to the government, and charges interest that you pay to the IRS? It is not Federal, and there in no Reserve.
Most of your parents and grandparents turn away from the mess they are passing to you. They don't want to know! When you've been lied to, you should know! And you should be told who the liars are.
It is all true, documented by impeccable sources. Facts, names, and crimes you will find in this book put the author in line for an "accident". Your education and mainstream media have deliberately kept this knowledge from you to secure their Elitist agenda; but, thankfully, you have the Internet, and you have to know about these things if you want to stop the Elites, and restore your disintegrating Republic.
You have to know about these things

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