Discover Essential Oils For Optimum Health

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About the author:
Julia L. Wright, Artist/Writer/Aromatherapist
Julia L. Wright lives in a small Colorado mountain town that is filled with natural mineral springs, holistic healers and artists.
Julia was introduced to Essential Oils over 19 years ago when recovering from a bad car accident and minor concussion. Julia has recovered from three different reckless drivers crashing into her car. Each accident created intense pain throughout her body and one gave her a "slight" concussion. She has incorporated many Essential Oils with pain relief and relaxing properties into her healing journey begun many years ago.
While recovering from a swollen leg caused by a huge blood clot she ignored three doctors telling her: "This condition will only get worse."
Instead of using the drugs prescribed, she incorporated various holistic approaches to decrease the swelling and dissolve the clot. Four years later, she hiked 13 mountainous miles and hikes every weekend. She turned a major health complication into a minor annoyance.
Her artistic side, Fantafaces, works with feathers and found objects. Feathery masks have characteristics that spark instant Transformation when someone puts one on. She creates feathered hair clips and earrings and enjoys incorporating found objects in her pins and wall art.
Julia uses Essential Oils for Aromatherapy to relax her mind and sore muscles that distract her from falling asleep. She has created a variety of meditations and mental "games" to vanquish worrisome thoughts that try to get in the way of falling asleep quickly.
She began using whole foods in her diet for over 40 years. Although not a vegetarian, she considers herself to be a conscientious eater, and uses healthy foods to maintain her Optimum Health. Adding drops of essential oils to Manitou Springs Mineral Spring water creates delightful, healthy cold drinks all year round and compliments any healthy meal.
In "Discover Essential Oils for Optimum Health", Julia provides many tips on how you can successfully use essential oils for naturally healing your body and mind; creating healthier recipes; to experience spiritual support; for non-toxic ways to clean a home or office; relieving pain or emotional stress; and preventative health care.
Julia shares over 19 years of natural health knowledge gained from using essential oils for a wide variety of purposes that have brought optimum health and abundance into her life and invites you to step on your path to optimum health.

Discover Essential Oils For Optimum Health

An Essential Guide for Using Essential Oils to Naturally Acheive Your Optimum Health

Authored by Julia L. Wright

Discover Essential Oils for Optimum Health is an introduction to essential oils for anyone interested in discovering a more natural approach to gaining optimum health for themselves and their family.
Many of people find themselves dealing with health challenges that could have been avoided with simple consistent healthy habits that have stood the test of time.
Adding Essential Oils into your daily routine can help turn around your life and set you on a pathway to optimum health.
Essential oil uses offer a holistic healing option when used in massage or aromatherapy as a natural approach to resolving many health challenges.
Discover Essential Oils for Optimum Health is designed to help you better understand the many health benefits of essential oils.
Aromatherapy with essential oils benefit people suffering from headaches, anxiety or depression. Individual users of aromatherapy benefit by using therapeutic grade essential oil as a natural insomnia remedy that help sleep better.
Alternative holistic health practitioners such as Massage, Craniosacral and Lymphatic therapists discover when they integrate therapeutic grade essential oils into their practices there are many healthy benefits for their clients. Massage therapists often find that by using essential oils in massage therapy sessions it helps to relax muscles and relieve pain. Essential oil treatments help a client relax their minds and body more easily.
Essential oils are more potent than dried herbs. A single drop contains a very potent distillation of each plant's healing properties. Essential oils are the distillation of a plant's essence.
Essential oils are defined by their scents. Aromatherapy is based upon the healing properties of inhaling specific essential oils that create a sense of well-being and relaxation when specific scents are inhaled.
This book contains short descriptions of the properties and healing qualities of over 50 widely used essential oils. It contains tips on how specific essential oils have been used throughout history and currently around the world.
When you start using essential oils, you will begin to see and feel the health benefits immediately. When used for aroma therapy you will notice a change in your mood within moments after taking in your first deep breath.
Discover which essential oils can help you with your individual health challenge or maintain your optimum health naturally.
Essential oil tips are included for ways essential oils can be beneficial to create a healthier you.
Essential oils healthy properties aid in naturally creating and maintaining optimum health for you and your family.
This book provides the information you need to successfully use essential oils to take charge of your health.

Step on your pathway to Optimum health today.

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