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Promotion & Conservation of Health, Strength & Mental Energy

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About the author:
"At 16 years of age Lionel Strongfort... accidentally met the original Professor Attila. ... Lionel needed but little encouragement. He attended the Attila training quarters as often as possible. At 17 years of age he was able to do a double-handed lift of 250 lb. without any great exertion -- the Professor prevented his favorite and most promising pupil from premature overstrain. Strongfort's single- handed lift overhead at this time was 130 lb. ...
About this time, however, there arose a worldwide variety theatre demand for what was known in the profession as "Strong Man Turns." Even in the late 1890s and 1900s the preference was for athletes of the classical rather than the clumsily strong figure. The late Eugene Sandow was the first to rise to world preeminence in this respect, and Lionel Strongfort, a younger man, became his world-acknowledged successor. ... He turned graceful somersaults while holding a 50-lb. weight in each hand. Then he turned another lightning-like somersault while holding a 150-lb. barbell. About this time, too, he set up a world's record lift of 312 lb., over Louis Cyr's 273 lb. ... Undoubtedly, Strongfort's most sensational feat was his 'Human Bridge Act,' where he supported a fully occupied motor-car . ... in full view of the theatre audience right at a time when the motor-car was something of a novelty. But there was much more in this spectacular feat of human muscular coordination than was apparent to the great majority of the spectators. The 'motor' of those days was not the docilely smooth vehicle of today. Its progress was apt to be jerky and explosive, thereby almost doubling the effect of the colossal weight of the car and its occupants. Further, it was not a case of merely lifting or sustaining a slowly descending weight. The car approached and departed at a side-twist angle of its huge weight of 7,000 lb. Actually, the easiest split-second of the feat's time was when the car was equally balanced over Strongfort's supporting body.

Such spectacular feats as were being performed by Strongfort naturally attracted the attention of scientists, doctors, surgeons, sculptors, and artists. Strongfort was persuaded by the world's leading sculptors to become their model for statues that would serve to show the world for all time that the statuesque glories of ancient Greece came to life again in the 20th century in the person of Strongfort." - Hopton Hadley

Promotion & Conservation of Health, Strength & Mental Energy

(Original Version, Restored)

Authored by Lionel Strongfort

"STRENGTH is an absolute essential in securing and maintaining any normal degree of health. There are those who, themselves lacking in muscular vigor, are prone to speak contemptuously of the same, declaring that what they desire is not great "ugly" muscles, but just health! It occasionally happens also that some weakling will declare that he is in perfect health, inasmuch as he is out of bed and able to walk around. But, as a matter of fact, no one can enjoy a high degree of health unless he represents a high standard of physical vigor. He should be a good specimen of animal life. And th:s means that he must be at least normally strong. What would we think of the health of a horse or dog that was not thoroughly alive with active energetic muscles?" - Lionel Strongfort

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1470105942 / 9781470105945
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