What Men Really Want
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What Men Really Want

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What Men Really Want

What’s going on inside his head doesn't have to be a puzzle!

"What Men Really Want is an exploration into the minds of men across the all ages, races and socioeconomic backgrounds. It uncovers what men want out of life and insights into why they think and act the way they do."

After four divorces, family problems, an unfulfilling job and his 43rd birthday — Bill Collins reached a turning point, realizing he had no idea what he wanted in his life. As he embarked on a quest to find answers for himself, Bill had a revelation that would change his life — he realized people everywhere also have an immense desire for answers, to know "What Men Want." His personal journey turned into a passionate mission to create a film to share this indispensable wisdom and answers with the world.

This documentary exposes what is most important to men, what it means to be a man, and the unique pressures they face. More specifically, men reveal the importance of family and faith in a man's life, how men communicate, express feelings, and the challenges and differences between the sexes and in relationships.

"What Men Really Want will touch your heart as it opens your eyes to new truths about men and manhood. It is moving, funny, inciting and honest!"

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