American Geek in Japan Anime Fan Tom

American Geek in Japan   Anime Fan Tom

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American Geek in Japan Anime Fan Tom

An American graphic designer in Los Angeles, Tom, gets a chance to visit Tokyo, Japan. His e-mail friend Mika, a Japanese girl, guides him in sightseeing in Tokyo. After the trip, Tom decides to move to Tokyo and start a new life. He teaches English for living and takes Japanese lessons, then gets a job at an animation company. In the beginning Tom is a dorky geek with glasses hooked to computer games. In his fantasies, he is a hero. In realty he?s a weak chicken. After his glasses are broken in a fight, he starts wearing contact lenses recommended by Mika. He also takes Karate lessons at a Dojo where Mika has been practicing. He transforms into a handsome, strong and cool artist.

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