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About the author:
Will David Mitchell is a retired Air Force pilot who was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, and six Air Medals for combat flying. He is one of few USAF pilots ever photographed in the cockpit of a MiG-21. He writes fiction from memories of surviving a colorful past.

Mitchell loves God passionately. You'll find his books devoid of explicit language, sex and gore, but they are all the more fine tuned for that. The reader definitely knows such action is happening, while the author averts the gaze of his pen. Your imagination is more fertile than anyone could describe, anyhow.

His sister, Delle Jacobs probably sells more historical romance books than anyone. Carol, his beloved wife is a fine author, and all of his children write. It must be in the genes.

The Mitchells' son-in-law and daughter have graciously allowed use of their names as the main protagonists. They are Robert and Christie Mach, and the Mach Books series is named for them.

Mitchell has enjoyed often-simultaneous careers as a mechanic, pilot, professor, artist and sculptor, musician and composer, computer scientist, consultant, real estate investor, inventor, author and business leader. He holds two degrees in mathematics and an MBA (summa cum laude.) He has founded numerous successful businesses and has been on the boards of others. One, named Good Samaritans, saves people from foreclosure.

His 2012 motto is, "If you're not improving the world, then lets."

The Mitchells and the Machs live in and enjoy life in San Diego, California.

The Room bOmb

Authored by Will David Mitchell

  • Coveting warm water ports for her navy, Russia provokes a Mediterranean war.
  • Terrifying New Classes of Weapons Destabilize Middle East.
  • Syria has The Room bOmb and Russian vectored thrust tactical missiles.
  • Israel is on her heels fighting invasion on three fronts.
  • The US knows a counter to the weapon, but its inventor is on the run from the FBI, along with the Syrian spy he loves.
  • Israel will be overrun in days.
  • Nukes are her only option remaining.

    But what if an audacious, dangerous scheme would work?

    The science is like a TV detective show: clever and realistic. The book is more about Future Science than Science Fiction, showing how the world may become. Everything in it is possible.

    Interwoven are two tender romances, without explicit sex, language or mayhem. This is a family friendly book.

    As an Air Force pilot, I believe that the semi-mythical Aurora aircraft has flown and has been retired by newer craft like the Mach-6 Spectre, of "The Room bOmb."

    This weapon is entirely possible. Scientists are researching those areas.

    If you like speculative science, if you like true and honorable, but flawed, heroes vs. truly evil villains with streaks of goodness, so do I. You'll find them herein.

    Best, if you like "The Room Bomb," there are others in the Mach Books series, with many more coming quickly. The Room bOmb is fourth of four, chronologically. "Sleep Smiling" is on the way.

    This is a long book, so you get a lot of entertainment for your money.

    Please look for my Blog at http://WillDavidMitchell.Com and leave a blurb. I answer all email personally and sincerely want to know who you are.


    Thanks for checking this one out.

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