Martial Health: Chi Kung Fundamentals
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Martial Health:  Chi Kung Fundamentals

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Martial Health: Chi Kung Fundamentals

Inhale... exhale... the ancient Chinese exercise system of Chi Kung uses breath movement, and meditation to enhance the flow of vital energy throughout the body. Chi Kung provides many health benefits, while also containing elements of self defense.

The Martial Health: Chi Kung Fundamentals Instructional DVD utilizes an innovative and exciting approach to instruction never available to the public thus far. Using a systematic approach, you will learn in steps.

1. View and follow the instructional video with verbal instructions.
2. Follow the instructional video without verbal instructions.
3. Listen to the soundtrack (sold separately) and practice the exercises at your own speed, developing your own personalized routine.

Learn tools and skills to reach further and become more than you thought possible mentally, spiritually, and physically. Learn a practice that has enhanced people's lives for centuries and applies directly to your modern time.



Kurtis Fujita

Title #382224
Format: DVD-R
Martial Health:  Chi Kung Fundamentals
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