A Sincere Journey Ends Without Jesus

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About the author:
Jewish, Husband, Father, Grandfather

Graduate, A.A. Long Beach City College, B.A. Southern California Bible College, M.A. Southern California Theological Seminary, D. Th. Denver Charismatic Theological Seminary

Individual Study Rabbi Dovid Nusbaum, Bais Medrash at Yeshiva Toras Chaim,
Hornosteipler Rebbe, Mordicai Tewerski

Group Study - Rabbi Yaakov Meyer, Aish Denver Rabbi Yisroel Engel, Director of Colorado Chabad.

Founder of Jewishpath.org, Jewishlink.net, 7commands.com and bnti.us

B'nai Noach Torah Institute, LLC - Biblical Online learning

Author of various books.

Realtor and Property Investor

A Sincere Journey Ends Without Jesus

Authored by Dr A. G. Belk

Recently Rabbi Yisroel came to me in a dream. I immediately recognized him.

He said to me, 'Akiva write these words. Tell the readers each of us have relatives that believe in Jesus. Buy a copy of this book. Read it then give a copy to the relative that believes in Jesus.' I awoke from the dream. The time was exactly 6:13 A.M.

This is an autobiography of my spiritual journey. Each of us are on a spiritual journey. We move from one spiritual journey to begin another. What is a spiritual journey? A spiritual journey is a path of life where by we develop, we grow and we mature. A spiritual journey is often a long difficult process of personal change.

The journey I discuss began around 1990. My journey did not begin with the goal of returning to Judaism. My journey began with a desire to give my Baptist Congregation a historical view of Jesus last six days on earth. My journey very very challenging for me. If you read this book and if you walk in my footprints believing in Jesus will become a challenge for you also. The difference is I am on this side of the journey now. The journey of my life can be of great help to you if you discern there are problems with the story the New Testament story of Jesus.

My goal is to simply share my story. I am trying to be there for people who are at the crossroads I was at. When I began my historical review I was a Christian. I was a Baptist Pastor. Then I faced some life changing choices. Each of us face choices. If you are facing the choices I faced this book will be real helpful. Having a friend you can write to will be helpful. I want to be that friend you can ask questions and discuss concerns with.

In my book I discuss the choices I made and what the bases for these choices were. It was very difficult. You will feel my pain. How do we chose? What do we base our choice on? Some of the choices I had to face is do I believe Jesus as described by center line Christianity? Is Jesus God? Is Jesus the Son of God? Another choice was do I accept the New Testament as Divinely inspired? Is the New Testament perfect? If you feel confused... If you are frightened with what way to go... This book will offer guidance and encouragement.

What I experienced was not happen chance. My experiences were for a very specific per purpose. After years of teaching on the internet to millions of readers I can say with certainty that untold numbers of individuals love God and believe in God and want to serve God but cannot make the story of Jesus as written in the four gospels work for them. What I share in this book is for you. When an individual is on this journey one of the first reactions is fear. There are so many types of fears produced by Christianity. The fear of hell and the fear of rejection by Christians are two among many.

Questions arise like, what happens when I die?' Is there another life after death? Is there a heaven? Will I go to heaven? Who will be in heaven? Reader I each of these questions in my journey. Don't be frightened! God has always had a plan for His creation. His plan is not complicated. I share some about His plan. O. K. it's time to make a choice. Do yourself a favor. Buy the book...

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0615616666 / 9780615616667
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US Trade Paper
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6" x 9"
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