Jack Levine: Feast of Pure Reason

Jack Levine: Feast of Pure Reason

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Jack Levine: Feast of Pure Reason

This bold and unconventional film portrait reveals America's foremost Social Realist painter doing what he does best: skewering corrupt politicians and police, raging over social injustices, and satirizing the petty foibles of human kind. Jack Levine got his professional start during the Federal Arts Projects of the WPA, and quickly became world famous for his brilliantly painted, brutally ironic vision of America and the world. He's the only American artist who never stopped painting as a Social Realist, even when it went out of vogue in the 1950s and 1960s.

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Broadcast nationally on P.O.V., the critically acclaimed PBS series of America's finest non-fiction films

"This peach of a collaboration between subject and Sutherland displays both their geniuses."


"The symbiosis between director and subject is so pure that nothing distorts the relationship between audience and artist."

-Michael Blowen, BOSTON GLOBE

"David Sutherland has managed a coup -- having the subject be the host/narrator and still emerge with a magnificent portrait of a maverick satirist and social commentator."


"Sutherland displays the sort of sensitivity and understanding that can capture, even in a brief period of time, the essence of an individual ... a tribute to Sutherland's empathy."

-David Bonetti, BOSTON PHOENIX

"Levine is always riveting in this hour long film ... Sutherland has established a brilliant study in contrast."


"A totally absorbing hour is spent in the company of Jack Levine whose presence dominates this unique documentary."


Blue Ribbon: American Film Festival, 1987

Documentary Features, 1987

Selected to Input '88: Philadelphia 1988-Outstanding and Innovative International Public Television Programming

CINE Golden Eagle, 1986

Selected by the Academy of Motion Pictures Foundation for the Series Featuring The Outstanding Documentary Films of 1986

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