Adrian's Eagles

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About the author:
Hello, I'm Angie.

Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, lets you and I take a little stroll. There's a story I need to let out of its cage and I think it's one you need to hear. It's about the end of the world as we know it...

PS. Little pleases me more than to explore the fantasy, horror, and romance stories that get stuck in my head. Knowing other people also like them is second only to the magic of this new career I've chosen. As a die-hard Cincinnatian, I much prefer writing to the stresses of being a city Taxicab dispatcher. Thank you for making my dreams possible.

Adrian's Eagles

Authored by Angela White
Edited by Kim Fillmore

"The Slavers are coming...I can almost feel their hate."
Adrian's hand rested lightly on his gun. "The Eagles want them to. After all the hell they've caused, my Army can't wait to make them pay."

Three months after the War of 2012, Safe Haven refugee camp has made it to South Dakota and now holds six of the seven special survivors meant to lead the rebuilding of their country -but it can't be done until they find a safe place to settle... and who can think of peace when there's a huge camp of foreign invaders less than a day behind their group and they only want one thing? Safe Haven and everyone inside the light.

Will Adrian be able to keep his people out of Cesar's evil control long enough to finish the training he's begun? The enemy numbers are over 300 and growing. There are currently 64 Eagles in Adrian's army. Maybe if Brady can come up with the right plan and Angela can tell him when. He'll also need Sam to warn him when Nature is attacking. John will look after their health and Kenn will...get banished if he can't let go of Angie, who has found something she really wants (even though no one else, not even Brady, wants her to try for it).

The Survival of America: everyone is on equal ground, working for a common goal, yet it won't happen overnight and not everyone can handle Adrian's version of safety, including some of his closest people.

"Eagles are men and women who care about the future of their country, so much, that they are willing to make any sacrifice. With hope and suspicion in equal amounts, they believe in the truth when it's called for and silence when it's not. We hate to lie.

An Eagle is the only line of defense between our camp of survivors and a hostile new world. Extreme force is necessary and will be used at my discretion, no matter the age or condition of the threat. True mercy in this new hell usually comes from death and hardly anything else. Be prepared to not only face it up close but also to be the one pulling that trigger. Lives are not to be taken lightly, but they will be taken.

The continuation of America is all I care about and there isn't anything I won't do, any one life I won't sacrifice, to see it happen. Be sure you really want this. It may be your life I take to save theirs."

Adrian's Eagles: Seven earth-shattering weeks that will leave you breathless. Come see how it all plays out, won't you?

*Includes deleted scenes, sneak peeks, and character profiles.

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1475080387 / 9781475080384
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US Trade Paper
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6" x 9"
Black and White
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Fiction / Fantasy / Epic

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