There Are Save Two Churches Only: February 2013 Presentations
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There Are Save Two Churches Only: February 2013 Presentations

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There Are Save Two Churches Only: February 2013 Presentations

A compilation of video segments from presentations given during February 2013
1. Introduction and General Overview (29:00)
2. Origins and Foundations of Secret Combinations (30:04)
3. Ancient Egypt (31:05)
4. Comparison of Kingdom Structures (9:10)
5. Modus Operandi (28:46)
6. Smoke, Mirrors and Freemasonry (22:33)
7. Post-Presentation Discussions (37:35)
Total running time: 3 hours 7 minutes

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"If I had a million dollars, I would pay it all gladly to purchase this book, it is of such worth to me. I read it cover to cover over several days, barely stopping to sleep. I have given a copy to all twelve of my children, and also to my good friends at BYU [Provo].... I am grateful for the amazing research you have made available regarding this vital message for our day. I appreciate the humble, but powerful spirit [that comes from your book] as I worked through and processed the information you provide. Thank you for this gift!"

-- George W Pace,
Associate Professor Emeritus BYU Provo,
named BYU professor of the year 1979,
author of "What It Means to Know Christ" (3rd Edition titled "Knowing Christ")

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