How Does That Work: A View From the Bottom

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About the author:
Greg Kaiser was born in Cincinnati, Ohio at the end of WWII. Twelve years of Catholic education didn't cure his unease with the status quo. By the time he was 21, he'd concluded that the Human Race is self destructing. The past forty-five years haven't relieved his dis-ease. He hopes to alert several fellow Humans to the danger before he leaves the Planet.

How Does That Work: A View From the Bottom

Authored by A. Gregory Kaiser, A. G. Kaiser

The object of 'How . . .' is to differentiate abstract economy from the real economy that we form to support survival of the human race. With independent reasoning supported by data with references, it's demonstrated that our system fails all but the capitalists of the 1% and the 9 or 10% of educated middle class ministers who serve and support them.

'How' demonstrates that the economy of a people is the means by which we provide ourselves with the stuff of life needed for survival. Economy is collective by definition and must be for the survival of the species, not the individual. I attempt to cut through the ideological bullshit with which we delude ourselves and diminish the survivability of the Human Race.

Many truths need constant repetition, to counter the constantly repeated lies we've internalized and by which we're deluded and controlled. Data and mathematics are employed to reinforce an alternative and truthful [real] perspective.

"How Does That Work" attempts to awaken with the truth. On the way to exposition of the fundamental fraud of neoclassical economics, it's pointed out that even fourth grade math is sufficient to debunk most common belief/delusions about capitalist dominated economy. Supportive articles are referenced. They include essays I've written and began posting on my website when it was established in 1996. Constant, vigorous repetition by the 'dark side' has propagated a false consciousness. The program must be displaced.

". . . It is the imaginary, non-linear elements of the [economic] system and especially the attempt to exploit them, that are our problem. While the economy is made to appear confusing or incomprehensible, it is made up of simple transactions. It's better understood as a secondary school level algebraic equation. But the con artists who profit the most from the efforts of the community, obscure their looting with a pseudo calculus of derivatives and flawed integration of profits under an imaginary growth curve.

"The best way to understand the big lie is to note that you can't make something from nothing. Perpetual motion defies the Laws of Thermodynamics. There must be equilibrium between production and consumption to sustain any economy. Usury, ie. finance (or trade) and any service, useful or not, take material goods but burden some community with their production. A domestic economy that doesn't produce enough material goods or pay its workers enough to buy them, cannot short circuit the necessary equilibrium with finance and trade. That only works for a time and only for the greediest few at the top. To be sustainable for the rest of us, our economy must employ us to make real goods and pay us enough to buy them. Trade is abstract and not relevant to fundamental [real] economy. Making money with money is the most abstract practice and therefore the most dissipative to economy. You can't make something from nothing. . . ." - agk 7/15/2005 also available at my website.

Post Agrarian Times: Volume 5, Issue 7 It has been edited and improved by the author for the present writing. If it bothers you that I've recycled many ideas here, try to understand my frustration. I've been trying to warn you fools for decades. No one pays attention. I doubt that anyone is paying attention now. So, you see, it doesn't really matter how I say it or how many times I repeat it. I'm doing this for myself. I don't really give a damn about the idiots out there. I've no expectation that this will ever be published. I fully expect the stupidity of the Human race will be unchecked by anything less than extinction.

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