Oh Really, O'Reilly!  Part II of II - Newly Updated!

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About the author:
Tom Ballantyne was born and raised in Houston (Bellaire), Texas. He received a Professional Degree in Architecture from the University of Houston, in 1977.

After practicing architecture in Texas, Tennessee, Missouri, and Arizona, and teaching at several colleges (O'More College of Design in Franklin, TN, and Rio Salado College, in Phoenix), over a period of some thirty-five years, Tom wrote his first book, The Secret of Life, a treatise on the power of thought, which he released in January of 2009. He followed that with the release of Uncommon Sense...Apparently! "A Call To Arms," in January of 2011, and now, in October of that same year, Oh Really, O'Reilly! "The Spin Starts Here...Apparently!" In O'Reilly, he takes Bill O'Reilly, Fox News, and a slew of other notable national "Conservatives" to task.

As a principled Conservative, Tom issues a warning to both the Conservative-Establishment Media, and the current "leadership" (and incumbent officials) of the Republican Party, that precepts, such as The Rule of Law, and principles, such as those taught by our Founders, and embodied in the Constitution, matter far more to the People of this country than party affiliation or "political calculations."

He stresses that if the so-called leaders of the "Conservative Movement," with few exceptions (notably Joseph Farah, Rush Limbaugh, and Michael Savage), do not stop playing to the all-but-extinct Media of Yesteryear - and become fully committed to the restoration of the Constitution - rather than to the ceaseless and meaningless regurgitation of who's ahead in what poll, or to what minute degree we will cut - not spending, but the "rate of growth" in the deficit - they themselves will be deservedly cast upon the dunghill of history!

The People are awake, and they will no longer be deceived, disdained, or ignored by those whom they elect to serve them, nor by those "news" agencies and "personalities" - especially those who purport to be "conservative" (and fearless!), while refusing to report or even consider (much less investigate!) the truth...wherever it might lead them! The once free and prosperous America still belongs to her People, and they have begun the process of taking their country back...and they intend to succeed!

Oh Really, O'Reilly! Part II of II - Newly Updated!

The Spin Starts Here...Apparently! A 'Fair and Balanced' Look at the Facts

Authored by Mr. T M Ballantyne Jr

"Got your book after seeing a video of you on...www.westernjournalism.com and ordered it immediately through Amazon.... Also like your exposure of the crookedness of the [Democratic] party trying to pass 'natural born Citizen' laws before they [nominated Barack Obama]...and your excellent discussion of the meaning of NBC [Natural-Born Citizen]. You also very succinctly explained the DNC/[Democrat] congressional criminals manipulation of the OCON to bypass constitutional eligibility and Nancy P-Ulosi's signing two certifications.... My copy is highlighted, my remarks filling thee margins and pages of interest are corner folded, which is almost EVERY page, so I can reference things quickly to post. I appreciate 'mostly' that you took it to...'O'Really'...!"

An Apparently-Satisfied Reader

"In his excellent book, Tom takes on many in the Conservative Establishment Media for their failure to speak out on this important and clear-cut issue. While his criticism of those who should know better is biting, this is a witty, sometimes humorous, and fast-paced book, well researched and thoroughly documented. All who read my book on this subject will enjoy O'Reilly!"

Dr. Jerome Corsi - Author of Where's The Birth Certificate?

"Tom Ballantyne does a really clever and useful thing in Oh Really, O'Reilly! He tells the story of Barack Obama's dubious origins through the eyes/ mouth of TV pundit Bill O'Reilly. Presumed by the left to be a spokesman for the right, O'Reilly illustrates just how little the media, right or left, have done to clarify the serious constitutional issues surrounding Obama's birth. I have not seen a book that more cogently or amusingly documents those issues."

Jack Cashill - Author of Deconstructing Obama

"In Oh Really, O'Reilly T.M. Ballantyne has assembled an encyclopedic volume reflective of monumental effort intended to become a valuable resource for all lovers of liberty."

Rabbi Daniel Lapin - The American Alliance of Jews and Christians

"Tom Ballantyne has assembled the most complete, well-documented collection of facts related to Obama's eligibility to date. It is a must read for anyone wishing to be fully informed on this critical issue."

Mark Gillar - www.TeaPartyPowerHour.com

"Oh, Really, O'Reilly! is well-researched, well-sourced, and as relevant as anything I've read. The takeover of independent media is always the first step in installing a lawless, tyrannical regime. It's far past time for the public to see and comprehend what is being done to the country so many of us love. Kudos to Tom for taking the bull by the horns on a critical issue!"

Nellie Ristvedt - Butterdezillion's Blog http://butterdezillion.wordpress.com/
"A very well researched easy read.... In addition to exposing...media pundits...the author deftly exposes Snopes, FactCheck, PolitiFact, Wikipedia, NPR, etc. - ALL of the supposed non-partisan fact checking and information websites - [for] what they are...liberal propagandists."

Sal and Kandy Ricotta - Scottsdale, AZ

The break-in at the Watergate Hotel and Office Complex, in Washington, D.C., at 1:55 in the morning of June 17, 1972, would be handled in Small-Claims Court today, in comparison with the scandal and cover-up by the current administration, were it not for the "State-Controlled Media," all three branches of government, numerous departments, and BOTH parties, in the most far-reaching political scandal in our nation's history. What started out as an expose of the SPIN of one William Joseph ("Bill") O'Reilly, and a few of his media cohorts, evolved into an epic (but factual) "novel" of collusion and intrigue, that will be considered the Bible on the issue of the Constitutional legitimacy of our nation's 44th President. A 'Fair and Balanced' look at the facts, from the author of The Secret of Life Series, and the 2011-released Uncommon Sense...Apparently! "A Call To Arms". You will be both shocked and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of incriminating evidence!

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