The Geometry Code

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About the author:
Bruce Rawles has sought the rhyme and reason of life's mysteries, seen and unseen, from an early age. His networker mother continues to delve into metaphysical and esoteric realms sharing her love of inner spaces. His pragmatic father, sharing love of the outdoors, provided an opportunity to appreciate the natural world. In this context, Bruce's life continues to be a quest for the synthesis of heart and head approaches; the integration of alternative and mainstream paradigms; the reconciliation of seeming opposites.

In 1992, a year after attending a workshop on Sacred Geometry by author Gregg Braden, Bruce explored the Great Pyramid on a Braden-led Egyptian tour. Gregg had a catalytic effect of rekindling Bruce's enthusiasm for mystical geometry, which developed into the book, Sacred Geometry Design Sourcebook, published in 1997. This book, along with his website, offers a hands-on approach to finding mirrors of wholeness by exploring principles of interconnectedness found in universal patterns.

In 2007, Bruce discovered the work of Gary Renard while researching the connections between ancient Hermetic wisdom distilled in The Kybalion (a century-old book on 7 Natural Laws), transpersonal psychology and modern quantum physics. Bruce realized that the Kybalion's 7 principles are symbolized by 7 ubiquitous geometric archetypes, each of which individually and collectively encode a non-dualistic philosophy in a holographic matrix. Similarly, our world reflects either an inclusive happy embrace of all that unites, or a divisive battle that furthers a belief in separate interests. His second book, The Geometry Code, expands on these 7 laws and related symbols as tools for undoing our identification with the ineffective, warring strategies of egos.

Inspiration for the second book was strongly infused with insights from Renard's work. This led to an enthusiastic renewal of interest in the profound wisdom of A Course In Miracles, more recently to the prolific, inspired work of Dr. Kenneth Wapnick, and musings in The concepts of quantum forgiveness and implications of modern physics (pointing to the illusory nature of space, time and dualistic thought systems) anchor sustainable practices leading eventually to complete unlearning of fear. With a shared identity, all relationships become amusing inner classroom symbols for kindness and inclusive re-integration.

Bruce lives with his wife, Nancy Bolton-Rawles on the Oregon coast.

The Geometry Code

Universal Symbolic Mirrors of Natural Laws Within Us; Friendly Reminders of Inclusion to Forgive the Dreamer of Separation

Authored by Bruce Rawles
Illustrated by Bruce Rawles
Foreword by Gary R. Renard

An Inclusive Identity transforms our experience from separate to whole. Our inner teacher of kindness reinterprets every day events in ways that lead us to freedom. Observing our minds with this guidance, we apply universal laws to our individual lives, using geometric metaphors as memory aids, releasing the identification with unconscious victim scripts that sabotage our happiness. This book integrates practical insights from modern physics, ancient Hermetic Laws, non-dual meta- physics, transpersonal psychology - and humor - as tools for undoing conflicting beliefs we've dreamed ourselves into. Symbols remind us to forgive the dreamer.

We explore seven laws in depth and demonstrate how a mindfulness that embraces 'other' as 'self' can reverse the typical misapplication of these inescapable laws of Mentalism, Correspondence, Vibration, Polarity, Rhythm, Cause & Effect and Generation. Ubiquitous geometric symbols, paired to each of these laws - the circle, vesica piscis, sine wave, line, spiral, fractal and yin-yang - and their countless commonplace variations, seen from the vantage point of shared interests, reflect these ideas. The inspired use of natural law restores attributes of life, love, strength, purity, beauty, perfection and gratitude to our awareness. Our intentions of loving kindness make use of these memory aids for returning our minds to wholeness as we forgive ourselves, using dreams to heal instead of harm.

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0965640574 / 9780965640572
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