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Camp Kickitoo

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Camp Kickitoo

Nobody "belongs" at Camp Kickitoo but the biggest fish-out-of-water is Alvin, a well-healed Ivy Leaguer tossed in with street-wise rapper Wanda and an assortment of displaced urban dwellers. Fireworks, romance and hip-hop ensue.

Camp Kickitoo is a fast-paced hip-hop comedy. It centers on the stormy relationship between Alvin Fishman, a would-be banker from a well-to-do family, and MC Wanda B, a street-wise hip-hop singer.

Despite his Ivy League MBA degree, Alvin can't find a job. He has moved back in with his parents and is taking out his job-search frustrations by beating out frequent solos on his drum set in the garage.

At the urging of his long-suffering mother, he accepts a summer job at Camp Kickitoo, which turns out to be anything but your usual summer camp. In fact, it is a rehab facility for minor drug offenders and here we find a mixed bag of colorful characters.

Initially assigned to the kitchen as a pot washer, Alvin soon gets his wish and becomes a counselor. Among his other duties, he is put in charge of reining-in Wanda, an angry camper unjustly busted for marijuana possession.

United by music, the storm lifts and friendships begin.

Directed by Ric Sternberg and Mike Sullivan, and featuring a large, ensemble cast, the film has achieved some success on the festival circuit. Among other honors, it was selected as "Best Comedy" at the 2012 San Diego Black Film Festival and won a "Golden Ace" award at the 2012 Las Vegas Film Festival.

"Best Comedy" - 2012 San Diego Black Film Festival
"Golden Ace Award" - 2012 Las Vegas Film Festival

Film Festivals:
2012 San Diego Black Film Festival
2012 Green Bay Film Festival
2012 Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival
2012 Las Vegas Film Festival

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