The Wildlife of Crystal Cove
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The Wildlife of Crystal Cove

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The Wildlife of Crystal Cove

Join outdoor nature nut Rick Boufford and his zany raven friends on a one of a kind 7 mile walking tour of California's most unique State Park, Crystal Cove!

They'll show you the best places where and when you are likely to see dolphins, whales, seals, sea lions, bobcats, coyotes, and so much more of the migrating and resident wildlife found throughout the 3.25 mile ocean front region of the park. They'll show you where the best tide pools are, where the dolphins are most likely to perform, and their favorite view points to see what's going on, and when!

Extras - Special insights on; The Birds, Bobcats & Coyotes, Dead & Dangerous, The Ravens, and in Dolphins, Whales and Marine Mammals, Rick gives you his insider tips on where and when to see both the huge Blue whales feeding offshore and the migrating Grey Whales with their young. Plus seals, sea lions, and many different kinds of dolphins, all from shore!

Your host and guide, Rick Boufford was known in years past as a sommelier, chef and restaurant owner. His early morning walks before picking up the days produce was at Crystal Cove State Park. And because he enjoyed both the beauty and the wildlife, he always had video camera in hand. Now semi-retired from the restaurant business, visitors to the park now know him as either "Raven Rick" because of his long association and study of the birds he's befriended or "the sea glass guy," from the jewelry classes he teaches to kids of all ages. Rarely without his camera, he's also kept a video log of the park's wildlife for the past 12 years and in "The Wildlife of Crystal Cove" he's sharing one of his favorite wildlife walking tours and shows you how you can make the most of yours!

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