"Mike Case in: The Big Kiss Off"

"Mike Case in: The Big Kiss Off"

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"Mike Case in: The Big Kiss Off"

Honest enough to trust. Crooked enough to get the job done.

The new film noir comedy about a private eye, a husband who wants to stay lost, and a wacky cast of characters.

Mike Case is a low-rent private detective who works out of his car and advertises on Craigslist. When hired by the sexy yet unstable socialite Victoria Billows to find her missing husband, Lennie, Mike finds himself face to face with raving lunatics, new age con artists, and, of course, beautiful women.

Join Mike on the Billows case and see if he gets his man! Or his woman, for that matter.

See the trailer at http://www.thebigkissoffmovie.com/

Les Mahoney, Debra Mayer, Devai Pearce, Atoy Wilson, Dale Shane, Erica Ocampo, Scott Ganyo, Suniil Sadarangani, Hannah Pierce, Tony Gracia, Kenyon Glover, David Alan Graf, William Mitchell, Guillermo Jorge, Jaimyon Parker, Vincent Marazita, Tracy Kisler

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