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The Impaler

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The Impaler

Searching for Dracula, Seven high-school friends begin their Euro-trip at the actual castle of Vlad the Impaler where he supposedly sold his soul to the Devil over 500 years earlier, but the decrepit castle's past envelopes them in a bloody ritual.

1. (David Ondechek)
"If you can get your hands on this film, it's definitely worth a watch"

2. (Review by Jamie Rosales)
"Even as this suspenseful movie drew to a close, I was glued to my seat to see what would happen next. This indie film is a treat to Horror fans and is definitely worth checking out."

3. VideoViews.Org (Patrick Ricketts)

The film goes from being playful at first to being an atmospheric, suspense filled ride that keeps you on the edge of your seat with its twists and turns that keeps you guessing and wondering where it is all leading.

"The Impaler" is an infectious vampire flick that draws you in deeper and deeper as it moves along and it doesn't let go until its twist filled climax that more than satisfies, do not miss seeing this unique and original horror film that delivers as advertised and more.

Best Director - (SEEFEST) 2013

Film Festivals:
Best Direction award at the Academy Accredited Sun Screen Film Festival in Manhattan Beach (August 2013)

Bram Stoker International Film Festival (Oct 2013)

Los Angeles Reel Independent Film Festival (Feb 2014)

Title #389720
Format: DVD-R