Blood Majik

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About the author:
About the author

Dino Simonetti hails from Winthrop Massachusetts, a small town jutting out into Boston Harbor. Simonetti lived out his first 28 years in this historical town and can recall stories about things that go bump in the night, passed down to him over the years.

He moved to another well-known and richly historical area, the city of Salem Massachusetts. It is in Salem, the seed for this story spawned. Starting out as a 'gross-me-out' joke with a friend, it evolved over the subsequent 21 years.

Each year, his imagination made the story line become more and more twisted and convoluted, until he put together a tale that will run into several parts and top the 3000 page mark.

This first installment, Blood Majik, lays the groundwork for the mystery, the horror, and the suspense all rabid horror enthusiasts will enjoy following, in the end, hopefully leaving them breathless.

Simonetti creates a concrete, believable world as a backdrop for the wild things that occur. He creates a consistent narrative voice and shows a talent for unfolding a plot in a way that is both exciting and organic.

Suspense is surprisingly difficult to write but he is able to pull it off.

There is a large cast of characters, which is always a challenge to manage, and he manages to keep them clear for the reader to follow; as he says it, everyone knows these types of people in everyday life.

His prose is smooth and easy to follow and his portrayal of a mid-size city and its inhabitants feels authentic. His writing creates its own world and he is able to convince the reader not that it DID happen but that it COULD happen.

Overall it will be an enjoyable read--

Keep the lights on for this one!!

Mr. Simonetti currently lives in
Utah; you can contact him there at

Look for the sequel The Order of CAOS soon to be released.

Blood Majik

Book One

Authored by Dino P Simonetti
Cover design or artwork by Dino P Simonetti
Edition: 2


An unsullied witch Krystyne, the sociopath Jodi, and a jock Billy-what could they possibly have in common? Jodi wants Billy's heart and soul for her own selfish motives and knows Krystyne's newly acquired knowledge of dark magic can make it reality.

Combine Krystyne's perilous curiosity with Jodi's relentless inveigles and together they make it happen. Hecate hears Krystyne's incants just outside the invisible but very much intact veil separating human kind from the demons of another universe. Krystyne's group has no idea how close the veil is to tearing wide open exposing the world to a massive demonic influx.

Hillarea and Vic happen by--an angry exchange among the witches Krystyne and Hillarea? The esbat is consequently broken; what have they done now?

Good thing Hecate was in the breeze to keep things from going too far south.

Jade is having hellish dreams that leave her shaken almost daily. Portions of Jade 's elaborate dreams are naively projected onto everyone she comes in physical contact with; the recipient gets the vibe while Jade has no idea it's happening.

Jade tries to make sense of it all then she starts hearing a voice; it's the heralding voice of Hecate. JShe calls on her friend, the most powerful (soon to be usurped by Krystyne) and well-practiced witch, Myryun, for help.

Is Jade truly becoming a conduit portending disaster or is she becoming a kook?

Can Myryun help her extract the true meaning of the dreams and strange happenings in Salem or will Jade truly lose her mind?

While Hecate is on damage control, the shape-shifter Ba'Gatz, and a succubus, Sanaphea sharing residence in a ninkosune for ease of travel; slip through the torn veil past Hecate.

Ba'Gatz is on a be free of his demonic existance...for a price say the elder demons. Sanaphea wants to be totally human once and for all.

Ba'Gatz promises Sanaphea her ardent need will be met if they work together. Sanaphea meets Hillarea, with all her unique abilities and is distracted from helping Ba'Gatz.

He'll have none of this nonsense and lures Sanaphea back with his trickery and lies.

She is now pretty much at his beck-and-call.

Ba'Gatz is innately mischievous and has a romper room sense of justice. Taking full advantage of Sanaphea's special ability, he wreaks a havoc leaving the Salem witch populace befuddled and the police clueless. who will it be to clean up after him?

The elder demons WILL notice the mess.

Read on....



You'll want to leave the lights on for this one!

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1477699007 / 9781477699003
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