Lifting up the couch cushions

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About the author:
I never wanted to read any books about the conspiracy theories of Sept 11th, or watch any videos either, because of my beliefs towards the attacks of Sept 11th, and what really went on that day, right up until Feb 22 2009, that's when I started watching 9/11 loose change.
The very first thing you see when you watch the video 9/11 loose change is this mock warning:
Under section 502 of the U.S. Patriot act, any person or persons found in possession of this information can be held under domestic terrorism and detained without trial at Guantanamo bay.
You are encouraged to distribute this digital video disc to friends, family, and complete strangers before it is too late to do so.
Any public performance, unauthorized copying, or distribution via the internet is strongly encouraged.
They put that warning in there as a way of telling people to help them spread the word about their video, it says right there that any copying of any kind is ok with them, they claim in their video to want the truth and ask questions they seem not to have the answers to, I took that warning message as permission to copy their entire video into my book, answering their questions and getting to the truth using their claims to show how I came to the real answers they were looking for, after all isn't that what the video 9/11 loose change is all about, finding the truth?
The warning in the beginning is the first time they let people know it is ok to copy their work in the search to find the truth, here is what the very last thing in their video says, word for word:
"America has been hijacked, not by Al Qaeda, not by Osama Bin Laden, but by a group of tyrants, ready and willing to do whatever it takes to keep their strangle hold on this country, so what are we gonna do about it?, anything, share this information with friends, family, total strangers, hold screenings, conferences, whatever you have to do to get the word out."
Ok, so whatever I had to do was write this book, it is getting the word out along with something the loose change video does not get out, the TRUTH.

Lifting up the couch cushions

exposing the loose change

Authored by mr K T Penn

Once upon a time the people of the world thought the world was flat only because it was what everyone else was saying about it, there was no real way to research the rumor other than walking around the entire world.

Today we have the internet so it is easy to research any claim made by anyone, I found the conspiracy theory video 9/11 loose change, here is what my research uncovered.
Instead of making a documentary about discovering the truth, he decided to make a movie, from his vocal deliveries, to the dramatic music he used, to the articles he put up on the screen blurring out most of it only telling part of the article he did put up on the screen, (and when you Google the article and read the whole thing you find information he left out that contradicts what he did say about it) he uses smoke and mirrors, half-truths, misinformation, and tones of voice to enforce the lies with his deliveries of what he says, most of his so called research was through other 9/11 truth protesters, and he believes what they say because that is how he feels, so he thinks he found the truth, when in fact most of his findings are based on other people's opinions, while the rest of his findings he claims to be facts, which are based on hearsay, speculation, rumors, and circumstantial evidence.
loose change is the Blair witch project of the Sept 11th tragedy.

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1478126310 / 9781478126317
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