Renegade Warrior

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Renegade Warrior

Authored by Gregory W Scott

The Presidential team has been assassinated half way through their second term and the Renegades have been held responsible. The people of the Americas quickly unify against the Renegades and all other religious fanatics known or suspected.

Ha'asidi's flock is prepared. All records of membership and involvement in the 'Hogan Diyin God,' the House of the Holy God, had been rapidly destroyed. One day later, as the sun rose against the purple and pink shades of morning, more than four thousand people simply disappear.

The mountainous regions of north east Arizona easily hid the groups of ten, twenty and thirty that sought refuge in their rocky terrain. Ha'asidi's group of almost two hundred was made up of the mature warriors and they were proficient at living off the land. The size of the group made it a perfect decoy as well as a natural connecting point for the people who daily came to live in these mountains. Each new renegade was given an Indian name. All identification was removed and destroyed. Wedding rings were buried. Western garb was exchanged for the soft, supple deerskin clothing that blended both sight and smell into the terrain in which the newcomer would now live.


Maria dropped into her cherry red Porsche 924 and gunned the engine. Smoking tires carried her quickly to the entrance ramp of I-294 south. Waving at the patrolman doing radar duty, she topped 100 mph and backed off, enjoying the whistle of twin turbos as they pulled down from full throttle. Since the State Highway Patrol had been nationalized, high-ranking officials had enjoyed relative freedom from some of the more mundane laws of the land, such as speeding. It was a privilege that Maria used obsessively. Speed helped clear her mind of the things she faced at work. The DOE's Re-education Center was a publicly obscure department, although it received more than its share of federal dollars. The public's knowledge of this government agency was limited to the work that was done with illiteracy and re-educating laid off workers into more marketable jobs.

Hosteen Nez, the terrorist she interrogated today had been stubborn and arrogant. The code name 'Renegade' came from his particular group of people. Religious fanatics who would stop at nothing to push their views and agendas on the whole of society.

The Renegades originated on the Navajo Indian reservation six or seven years ago. These people believed that the end of the world as we know it was coming and, in preparation, took traditional Indian names, destroying all traces of their past identities in the process.

Radical and unbending teaching had grown this group from a handful to several thousand in only two year's time. At that point the movement began to spread across the country as religious non-Indians began to follow the Native American missionaries who spread this teaching. As global unity became more of a working reality, these Renegades, called 'Dineh' or 'The People,' had become the escape route for religious fugitives of all sorts, giving them new Indian names, helping them hide and survive in the wilderness of the mountains. They also became the primary scapegoats of a country that was quickly uniting against religious fanaticism of any kind. They were a people united by an unswerving belief system. Those, like Hosteen Nez, who had been Renegades long enough to be considered 'warriors' were more than ready to face torture and death.

Set in northern Arizona on the Navajo Indian Reservation this fast moving action/adventure tells the tale of a world that is quickly changing as the things of the end draw near.

Are these Renegades the world's last obstacle to peace? Are they the domestic terrorists the government says they are? Live vicariously through the eyes of Maria Santiago, Will Taylor, Jan, Pete, Don and Theresa as they risk their lives in this epic tale of good and evil.

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1478127805 / 9781478127802
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US Trade Paper
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