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The Organon

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About the author:
Aristotle was born in 384 B.C. in the town of Stagira in Macedonia (now called Stavros).
At the age of 17 he entered Plato's Academy in Athens, where he remained until Plato's death nineteen years later.
During this time he first thoroughly absorbed the ideas of Plato and then began to move apart on his own philosophical path.
On the death of Plato Aristotle spent some time away from Athens including a period when he acted as tutor to prince Alexander, later to be Alexander the Great, returning to Athens at about 50 years in age to begin his most fruitful period as a philosopher.

Close to Athens, Aristotle founded his own school, the Lyceum, and began the first of the great libraries.
Here Aristotle remained until the death of Alexander in 323 B.C. after which a rise in anti-Macedonian feeling obliged him to leave.
He died in 322 B.C.

The surviving works of Aristotle date from this last period at the Lyceum, and were the academic textbooks of the time.
Substantial, original, and broadly scoped, they were to dominate the intellectual history of Western Europe for over a thousand years, and remain of the greatest importance to this day.

The Organon

The works of Aristotle on Logic

Authored by Aristotle
Edited by Roger Bishop Jones
Translated by E M Edghill, A J Jenkinson, G R G Mure, W A Pickard-Cambridge

The works of Aristotle on Logic, comprising 6 volumes in one:
  1. Categories (translated by E.M. Edgehill)
  2. On Interpretation (translated by E.M. Edgehill)
  3. Prior Analytics (translated by A.J. Jenkinson)
  4. Posterior Analytics (translated by G.R.G. Mure)
  5. Topics (translated by W.A. Pickard-Cambridge)
  6. On Sophistical Refutations (translated by W.A. Pickard-Cambridge)
These excellent translations have been re-typeset in Palatino 10 point typeface using LaTeX for this edition. A full contents listing with titles for each book and chapter (not in the original) and an extended index have been added to help the reader locate the parts most relevant to his studies. Page headers and footers have been designed to assist in locating volumes, books and chapters in the work.

Now incorporates Bekker numbers as used in academic references to Aristotle's works.

Last Revision Dated 2016-01-01

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