How to Seduce a Woman and Get Her Sexually Addicted to You in 5 Steps

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Mike Pilinski is the author of two highly-acclaimed self-help books in the men's dating market - 'Without Embarrassment' and 'She's Yours For the Taking' - plus, a new science fiction novel called 'The Necronaut' (science fiction > technothrillers)

Fear of rejection was a major problem that Mike Pilinski personally suffered with when he first began trying to date women -- which ultimately left him barren of any social life whatsoever by the age of 25. During those lonely days he somehow found a way to turn things around, boot-strapping himself up out of the social gutter. Step-by step he made small but significant breakthroughs... asking a girl out, going on a first date, trying for a kiss, awkwardly fumbling around for love and affection.

Fighting his way through the endless recriminations that followed every rejection, Mike finally made it beyond his toxic shame to ultimately defeat an incredible case of rejection phobia. His books share the insights, solutions and work-arounds that he managed to develop for himself to eliminate the types of typical problems that shy and introverted men everywhere find themselves dealing with.

Mr. Pilinski's careful comprehension and treatment of these deeply troubling issues are what makes his work stand out among the sea of boring, repetitious, copy-cat writing in the dating field. You'll also enjoy Mike's humorous and irreverent writing style. You'll laugh, cry, pound the wall... but most of all thrill to a journey of self-discovery that you will never soon forget.

How to Seduce a Woman and Get Her Sexually Addicted to You in 5 Steps

Authored by Michael Pilinski

Did you ever wonder if it was possible to create your very own female pleasure-bot? I'm talking about a woman so devoted to your sexual skills and to the emotional fantasy world that you've created for her that she forms an addictive attraction to you she simply cannot control?

Mike Pilinski, seduction writer and author of 'Without Embarrassment: The Social Coward's Totally Fearless Seduction System', thinks so - and in this, his first new book since 2007, he presents a detailed 5 step process that lays out exactly how any guy can create a sexually charged relationship that satisfies his every whim and desire.

'How to Seduce a Woman and Get Her Sexually Addicted to You in 5 Steps' explores the complexities of female sexuality with a focus on learning how to play to her dreams and desires just like the mysterious lover of her deepest, darkest fantasies would do. Mr. Pilinski describes how to "benevolently manipulate" the typical female mind in a way that will gradually capture her love and sexual devotion, and do so in a manner that will seem both thrilling and subconsciously familiar to her in a comforting sense. Before long you'll know enough to step into any woman's world that you choose to and turn it completely inside out.

And most importantly... have a blast at each and every step along the way!

'How to Seduce...' is loaded with dozens of clever and creative ploys that can take any woman from that point where you are just beginning to date her, to a state which can only be characterized as a sexually-centered obsession... aimed straight at YOU! This enjoyable but still very serious training is presented in Mike's signature, easy-to-read, detail-oriented yet humorous style which has characterized all of his terrific books since he first broke onto the PUA scene in 2002.

This latest text is not just full of entertaining theory and philosophy however... it's a true teaching guide in the fine art of female seduction and using psychological tactfulness to your advantage. Mike even includes a comprehensive Crypt Notes section at the end of the book - showing a genuine dedication to help his male readers learn how to utilize all his solid ideas to supercharge their own sex lives.

Just page through the look-in-book above and check out the Introduction for a quick overview: Part 1 "Her Seduction" introduces a series of romantic actions that work to draw a woman closer to a man emotionally, setting the stage for a future of great sex with her. The particular steps include: Developing a Formula For Seduction, Guaranteed Sexual Conquest and Securing Her as Your Lover.

Part 2 then delves straight into establishing a woman's complete sexual addiction to you. Here's where the fun really begins as you develop a mastery of both the physical and psychological aspects of dealing with a woman in a way that will set you far apart from any other lover she's ever known. There's also a helpful section on premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction which advocates for a unique non-drug method to overcome what the author believes are essentially mental-based issues that most men can easily correct for themselves.

As Mike Pilinski comments: "This whole idea started out as a small project but then grew into a more comprehensive guide as I began digging back through my old notes and old memories. This book is also the first installment in my new Advanced Dating and Seduction Skills for Men Series, and I wanted it to be something that you guys could really use to take your current relationship - and especially a brand new one - to stratospheric levels sexually. I'm talking about creating intense shared pleasure states that probably less than 5% of people ever experience."

And now it's time for YOU to join that elite 5% and embrace the ultimate Alpha Male experience for yourself.

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