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How to Make Money - Revisited

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About the author:
Lee Smith, DrDIY // Naturopath. // Blogger. // Food-Safety Expert.

Lee's personal journey to health started with a five year detour into the world of $5,000 monthly pharmaceutical treatments for kidney disease, and a six-month disability leave of absence from his food-safety career. During that time of forced stillness, he decided he couldn't survive on Social Security as a disability income strategy, and faced his inner demons (the ones saying, "Go Vegan"), to emerge as a smaller man on the outside, but a larger force for the greater good and an energetic resource for the food industry.

His added commentaries to the original "How to Make Money," and unique style of personal development coaching is high-contact, informal, and it might be the launching pad you've been looking for. Lee blogs about traditional naturopathy, food-safety, Christianity, sustainability, and holistic nutrition at:

How to Make Money - Revisited

Authored by Lee Smith ND
Original author John V. Dunlap

"How to Make Money" was originally published during the 'Roaring Twenties,' yet contains timeless secrets of financial security, personal development and motivation that were sorely lacking by the end of that decade. {Precious few original copies are believed to have survived the Great Depression.} The prescriptions of this text were prophetic medicine, foreshadowing the economic collapse of 1929, and the '-Revisited' version adds content designed to make it more relevant to the present day.  Expanded bonus-material includes resources for increasing your influence with social media, recommended podcasts/blogs, a reading list of books to jump-start your business development, and some creative business ideas to stimulate the "Inner Entrepreneur," requiring little or no capital to launch.

Sample Quotes:
The only things that matter are these:
You must get it out of your head that you are not capable of doing big things. You must realize that the reason you're not doing big things is that you have never had an opportunity to learn. Every successful person in the world today thought just the same things which you were thinking at sometime in their lives. They had to learn how, too. You must grit your teeth and start. Close your eyes to everything but success. The most difficult thing about being successful is making up your mind that you are going to succeed.

Once you overcome that fear which haunts you, which holds you back, you will become master of yourself and the whole world can't stop you. Don't let timidity, fear, self-consciousness, or what others think rule you.

You know you are capable. Surely you believe in yourself, so close your eyes to those petty obstacles and work for your own future instead of to please your present associates.

Here is the plan that will give you your start, successful career. Read it.

The first step is to read every single word in this book, and then just decide which plan you will select.

Don't just read. Think while you read!

Forget every single thing in this world but your future.

Commissioned sales is probably the greatest equalizer of income. With targeted training and education, a sales career can produce more financial leverage than any other endeavor. Best of all, selling is a skill; not a gift.

A simple practice that sets a professional apart, is that she believes her work is noble in purpose. When you enter a sales position with this philosophy, you will craft deals that are win / win.

Owning a business will always offer greater opportunity, more flexibility, and richer rewards in the end; if you are willing to make the sacrifice. The only thing that makes sacrifice enjoyable is love. If you love what you're doing, you can suffer through the initial learning curve and eventually enjoy the fruit of your labor.

Being creative and having a well thought-out plan doesn't mean anything until there's a beta version or a working model. Don't let your ideas die on "the drawing board."

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1478340681 / 9781478340683
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