Destiny Unfulfilled

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About the author:
S8 (Seight) Byproxy lives in Eugene, Oregon, U.S.A. Due to the sensitive nature of the manuscript, S8 Byproxy chooses to remain anonymous regarding gender, occupation, specific location and any other information which may reveal the identity of S8 Byproxy. S8 Byproxy believes in the message contained within the manuscript, "Destiny Unfulfilled," and only hopes, for the sake of humanity, that THE ONE achieves The Objective before December 21, 2012.

Destiny Unfulfilled

Authored by Seight Byproxy, Seight Byproxy
Prepared for publication by Stephen L. Wilson

You have never had your existence explained like this before!
Our advancement, growth and progress happens faster and faster all the time. We continue to advance technologically. Our resources are dwindling. Our population is growing. Political strife threatens to rip our world apart. Our great thinkers are always busy solving the latest problems. There is a strong sense of having to finish before the end. But the end of what? The end of time? The end of existence?

There IS an end, and soon. There is specifically a time when our existence is no longer important, and the life we know, the universe we know, this experiment we know as reality - will end. Our creator has given us the information we need to stay alive, and continue. Our creator has provided the author of this book with the answers we need to buy more time. It is simple, really. If THE ONE makes contact with the creator, we live.

Fortunately there are examples in these pages designed to bring our civilization to enlightenment. One person among us has been sacrificed as a control subject of the creator. This person has been given both the privilege and restriction of being programmed by our creator, S8. This person has advanced physical, mental and spiritual properties expected of THE ONE in order to achieve contact with S8.

The thoughts of the control subject have been harvested and compiled, to be explained to you, so that you may help find THE ONE. If this does not happen before December 21, 2012, then our reality no longer has any meaning, and the experiment - our existence - will end. Can you allow this to happen? Will you ignore this opportunity? Do not leave your......Destiny Unfulfilled

I wake up every morning and go to work. I eat. I laugh. I criticize and reason. I enjoy life. Like many of you, I have beliefs, hobbies, and hopes. In so many ways we are alike, you and I. I have to explain to you the very important way in which we are different.
Sometimes I slip out. This can last anywhere from minutes to hours. It happens unexpectedly, and there is no pattern. When I slip back in, life and the world around me have continued, and I have participated without incident. Whatever activity I was previously engaged in has continued without me. Whatever I was working on has been accomplished. Sometimes I even slip back in while I am having a conversation, or when I am doing something relatively dangerous, like driving. I used to watch for any suspicion on the part of anyone else, but eventually I quit doing this. Nobody ever notices.
When I slip out, I have no sense of time, or that there is any action taking place while I am gone. There is no sense of being somewhere else. There is only a living gap; one minute I am leaving my driveway, for example, and the next I am at work, chatting away with a co-worker. Time itself has no meaning, and nobody misses me when I slip out. What has meaning is the information I bring back with me.
When I slip back in, my head is full. The words are crammed into every nook and cranny of my mental space. At first I worried that I needed to sit down immediately and release them. I was concerned that these new intruders would fade or disappear, like so many other thoughts which fleetingly dart in, and then out of our psyche, leaving only vapor trails of missed information.
It did not take very long for me to realize that rushing to write was not necessary. Now, after I slip back in, I calmly finish my conversation, or my coffee, or my fishing trip. The words stay trapped, locked in this mysterious state of suspended animation until it is time for me to release them from their bonds.
When I do settle in, and begin compiling them for use, there is no rush of information. The sense is not of a creative release; rather it is one of procedure and order. The words don't tumble onto the page. Instead, they line up and wait their turn, each one accepting their role as a bit of information

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147921759X / 9781479217595
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US Trade Paper
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6" x 9"
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