Bigfoot: Tracking A Legend
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Bigfoot: Tracking A Legend

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Bigfoot: The Evidence Files

Bigfoot: Tracking A Legend

Follow cryptozoology researcher Tom Marcum as a Bigfoot sighting becomes a Bigfoot investigation. A long time skeptic reports a Bigfoot sighting that sparks off this fruitful investigation. It's a candid look into the life of a Bigfoot researcher. Filmed in Kentucky, Bigfoot: Tracking A Legend follows the work of a real Bigfoot researcher from the Bigfoot hotbed state of Kentucky through his investigation of a rash of sightings near his home. It includes real witness interviews, follows his search through the sighting area, and shows you real evidence of the creatures' occupation there. It shows how this kind of research is really conducted; the more intelligent side of a very controversial subject.

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Format: DVD-R